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Lívia Handlovičová: Nothing Is Impossible

29/01/2012 21:05
By courtesy of Lívia Handlovičová   Most university students spend their summers working abroad. It’s a good opportunity to make some money, work in an...

Zuzana Barančoková: The Best Approaches and Techniques from the British and Slovak Systems Should Be Combined

20/01/2012 17:39
By courtesy of Zuzana Barančoková   Zuzana Barančoková is an out-going, smart, extremely active, and fun person. Just the kind you would like to be your teacher....

Martin Lukačišin: Work Smart First

09/01/2012 16:44
Martin Lukačišin (Photo: Peter Hucík)   The world’s second-oldest university, Oxford, comprises over 40 self-governing colleges and halls, and maintains 102...

Miroslava Vallová: You Have to Master the Target Language like Musicians Master Their Instruments

30/12/2011 12:35
By courtesy of Miroslava Vallová   Although she did not intend to work as a translator after graduating from university, Miroslava Vallová ended up translating such...

František Bútora: Students Always Have Something Interesting To Say Here

07/12/2011 16:30
By courtesy of František Bútora   Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, which has larger...

Lenka Nedvědová: Every Person is a Dancer

29/11/2011 15:50
By courtesy of Lenka Nedvědová   She considers dance a struggle, yet at the same time a unique way of expressing herself, a matter of the heart. That’s why she was...

David Staines: A Good Book Has to Be an ‘Event’

23/11/2011 19:08
Professor David Staines (Photo: Kristína Kallová)   Canadian literary scene is very diverse and prolific. There are very few people who are more knowledgeable...

Dominika Uhríková: Be Not Afraid!

09/11/2011 20:38
Dominika Uhríková (Photo: Katarína Koreňová)   The semester is in full swing, and you’ve probably noticed some new faces among the teaching staff at the...

Miroslav Bázlik: Things Came on Their Own

24/10/2011 17:39
Photo: Zuzana Borová and Veronika Kálnová   He had not intended to devote his life to English morphology when he joined the Department of British and American...

Roderick Jones: Passionate about Interpreting

07/10/2011 22:45
The role of an EU conference interpreter is to help Europeans understand each other. There are people who have made this a lifelong passion. PERSPECTIVES talked to Roderick Jones, a conference interpreter and the author of Conference Interpreting Explained (St. Jerome...
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We Talked To...In Brief

Ferdinand Pál: I Have No Wishes

16/12/2011 21:12
Dr. Ferdinand Pál (Photo: Katarína Koreňová)   All students of interpretation know who Mr. Ferdinand Pál is, as he has been teaching interpreting at our department...

Peter Barrer: Give the Students a Voice

19/11/2010 15:48
PETER BARRER  has been teaching at the Department of British and American Studies at Comenius University, Bratislava, since September 2009. He holds a Ph.D. in Slavic studies and is currently examining the state's potential role in...


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