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A Step Out Of the Ordinary: Life Devoted to Teaching

04/12/2012 12:57
Unplugged Interview with Mark Andrews   Reprint of an article that first appeared in Stop Complaining - Enjoy Teaching (https://scelt.wordpress.com/), the blog of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers.   On October...

From Ethiopia to Canada: A Life Full of Stories

20/11/2012 21:11
Saturday afternoon, Library of the Department of English and American Studies at Gondova 2. During the 6th International Conference of Central European Canadianists that took place at the Faculty of Arts from 12 - 14 October 2012 I went ahead and talked to one of the keynote...

Exposing Students to a Variety of Approaches to the Environment

09/10/2012 20:41
Photo: Czech Canada In the summer Masaryk University in Brno hosted the Czech Canada Summer School in Telč, Czech Republic. The summer school was a week-long event sponsored by the Central European Association for Canadian Studies (CEACS), the Government of...

Katarína Huszárová: Learn How to Cooperate

27/05/2012 18:58
Photo: Ivana Karasová   PERSPECTIVES talked to Katarína Huszárová, a student in English and French at our faculty and a member of the Student Council of...

Budding Stars in Our Ranks

24/04/2012 12:41
Dominika Uhríková and Milica Nováková (Photo: Ada Böhmerová)   Have you, as aspiring linguists, ever wondered what a linguistic conference might...

Filip Hochel: Human Brain Will Always Win over a Machine in Translation

09/04/2012 16:04
By courtesy of Filip Hochel   Do you know what to do to be hired by one of the biggest translation agencies in Slovakia? Do you think it is “a mission impossible”...

Jana Hulová: What was Behind the Conference on Inter-American Studies?

29/03/2012 22:48
Photo: Katarína Koreňová   Perspectives talked to Jana Hulová, the main organizer of the Student Conference on Inter-American Studies. If you are curious where the...

Dominika Lopašovská: Join Us

23/03/2012 11:11
By courtesy of Dominika Lopašovská   The Central European Young Canadianists (CEYC) are a group of young students interested in Canada, who wish to exchange ideas...

Georg Schendl: Once you start blending in, you get to see the heterogeneity of life

27/02/2012 22:32
Mag. Phil. Georg Schendl is a teaching assistant at the Center for Inter-American Studies at the University of Graz, Austria. His research interest lies in the history of the Americas, human rights, the development of international criminal law as well as...

Martin Solotruk: Overwhelmed by Myriads of Unknown Sentences and Images

12/02/2012 17:23
By courtesy of Martin Solotruk   Martin Solotruk is a Jack of all trades: a teacher, translator and successful poet. He confessed to us what dreams he had managed...
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We Talked To...In Brief

Ferdinand Pál: I Have No Wishes

16/12/2011 21:12
Dr. Ferdinand Pál (Photo: Katarína Koreňová)   All students of interpretation know who Mr. Ferdinand Pál is, as he has been teaching interpreting at our department...

Peter Barrer: Give the Students a Voice

19/11/2010 15:48
PETER BARRER  has been teaching at the Department of British and American Studies at Comenius University, Bratislava, since September 2009. He holds a Ph.D. in Slavic studies and is currently examining the state's potential role in...


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