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Xiaoao Dong: Do What You Love, Love What You Do

09/03/2014 18:25
    It is said that life is a trip and the world is a book; and those who do not travel read only a page. Coming from China, living in Austria and travelling all over the world, Xiaoao Dong is probably the best person to...

Lin Ying-Jie: Most Europeans are open-minded, passionate and friendly

14/01/2014 18:03
Lin Ying-Jie during the National Day of Taiwan By her courtesy   Lin is an open-minded, extremely friendly and always cheerful Taiwanese girl who decided to spend one semester in Slovakia thanks to the Erasmus...

Daniel Hevier: “I really don’t know what I’m doing here”

23/11/2013 17:20
Photo: Pavol Šveda   Everybody knows who Daniel Hevier is. Kids know him for his great poems, anecdotes, and stories; adults may also recall the lyrics that he has written for famous singers, his translation...

Ivana Krekáňová: Everything Is Possible, You Just Have to Really Want It

14/11/2013 19:45
Photo: Katarína Huszárová Ivana Krekáňová is a young Slovak translator specializing in translations from and to the English language (common as well as official translations). She deals with all sorts of texts...

Behind the Scene with ActofKAA

29/09/2013 03:24
Did you know that ActofKAA has been a civic association for some time? That our actors feel at home on stage? And that vicious and strange characters are fun to play? Well, we neither! Now it’s time to lift the curtain and get a peek behind the scenes of our marvellous acting group at...

Lýdia Machová: Speaking Foreign Languages Opens Doors to New Worlds

22/09/2013 18:18
  By courtesy of Lýdia Machová   A different language is a different vision of life. Speaking any foreign language apart from your own is...

Susan Hodgett: A Truly Canadian Adventure

31/05/2013 09:33
From October 12-14, 2012 our university had the honor of hosting the 6th Triennial International Conference of Central European Canadianists. Researchers from all over the world involved in Canadian studies came to our university to give lectures that would intellectually enrich our...

Guillaume Malingri de Bagnolo: Be Proud to Be a Minority

29/04/2013 18:44
There is a special time in everyone’s life when one encounters people who leave footprints on one’s mind. As a result, we are never the same again. The role of these rare and extraordinary people is to bring out the best in us. I must admit that there is one person I have been very...

Sophie Welling: The Unlikely Academic

16/04/2013 11:37
Do you still believe that the only true academics are stressed-out bookworms who do not give a thought about their appearance? Then it’s high time you reconsidered your old-fashioned attitude. Sophie Welling,  graduate student at the University of Groningen and one of the speakers...

Mária Hudáková: A Dream Come True

27/01/2013 18:36
By courtesy of Mária Hudáková   “Thinking Canada“ is an initiative of the European Network for Canadian Studies supported by the European Commission (and possibly Sasquatch) that provides an intensive...
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We Talked To...In Brief

Ferdinand Pál: I Have No Wishes

16/12/2011 21:12
Dr. Ferdinand Pál (Photo: Katarína Koreňová)   All students of interpretation know who Mr. Ferdinand Pál is, as he has been teaching interpreting at our department...

Peter Barrer: Give the Students a Voice

19/11/2010 15:48
PETER BARRER  has been teaching at the Department of British and American Studies at Comenius University, Bratislava, since September 2009. He holds a Ph.D. in Slavic studies and is currently examining the state's potential role in...


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