Young Blood

19/10/2013 09:59

Somebody once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Ok, that somebody was George B. Shaw. The point remains, especially when you look at the younger generation or even in the mirror – how much time do we spend moaning about things that aren’t really important or checking pictures of cats on the Internet?


Here is a couple of artists who’ve done it right. Instead of wasting their time, they took to their pianos or guitars and voilà – we listen to them everyday on the radio, green with envy because of their international stardom while we are eating crisps. I am not saying eating crisps is a bad thing (God forbid!). These youngsters could serve us as an inspiration – the fact that we’re young does not mean we are powerless or that we don’t have a talent just because we don’t have much experience. Just let this young blood refresh your eardrums and for a moment and forget everything else.



This girl is the youngest person to score a number one in the US in the last 26 years. All this while being still sweet sixteen. Impressive, isn’t it? She replaced another young star on the top, Miley Cyrus, her complete opposite. Lorde, born in New Zealand, releases her debut “Pure Heroine” on October 28. We’ll see whether she stays a one hit wonder and vanishes sooner than you say her name. But I think she might have a lot more for us in store.


John Newman

I had the feeling this song was quite heavily rotated on the radio, so I thought, “Let me check out this guy.“ I would never ever have thought that he who sounds like such a mature singer is a 23-year-old baby face. His “Love Me Again” peaked at number one in the UK Singles Chart and his album is fresh from the oven. He’s friends with the boys from Rudimental and his girlfriend is Ella Eyre (the beautiful voice in another summer hit “Waiting All Night”). All in all, it sounds like there are far better things ahead for him if he’d get to work with all of his friends yet again.


Earl Sweatshirt

They call him a lyrical Wunderkind (so NME). He’s the son of a South African poet/political activist Keorapetse Kgositsile, so the question of where he got his talent from is now answered. He’s a good mate of Tyler the Creator and a stable part of the Odd Future crew (the cool kids in hip hop these days), so now we also know that his talent is taken care of. He released his debut, rough and underground sounding “Doris” LP only to hear critical acclaim from all sides. Well done for a 19 year-old.



Jasmine van den Bogaerde (yep, that is Birdy’s birth name) is only 17. This, however, did not stop her from releasing her second album in late September. Covers like Skinny Love (Bon Iver original) made her famous – especially in Australia, where she’s huge, but she has more to offer. Everybody needs gentle, sorrowful pop sometimes and she’s the one to deliver it in such a way it makes you shiver.


Jake Bugg

Another 19-year old kid with a second album that’s coming out in November. From singing about living in the council estate he made it to Rick Rubin’s studio in Malibu. And everybody wants an album produced by Rick Rubin. Think young Bob Dylan but lighter, plus he has modelled for Burberry. He is already Britain’s favourite and it’s hard not to love him, especially if he mentions that his favourite words are “equanimity” and “tintinnabulation”. My linguistic heart just melted.


Five young people who made it in the business although they don’t fit into the pretty-and-useless-young popstar category. Five little sensations to motivate any young artists out there. Watch out for them. If they play their cards right, they’re here to stay. After all, they have the talent for that.



Kristína Škovierová



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