‘You Are The Night’ by Deluka

23/10/2010 15:03

It is a great moment for music that Ellie Innocenti, Kris Kovacs, Stevie J. Palmer and Robbie G met and formed Deluka. This Birmingham-Brooklyn based band has so much good music to offer that they are not to be missed!

I thought really hard how to describe this band in terms of the genre they play, the reason being that their style is quite complex and I wanted to be precise. I would define Deluka’s songs as edgy-electro-dance-glam-rock tunes with brilliantly catchy pop hooks, all stirred with Ellie Innocenti’s great vocals.

‘You Are The Night’ is a stunning debut collection of songs that won’t leave you cold. You may like the rock side or the electro-pop side of it, but the amazing thing about this record is that there is no friction between these two and everything just falls together in a dazzling sonic unity. It would be very harsh to call some songs album fillers, but there certainly are stand-outs and the album itself has several culmination points. The first comes with ‘Cascade’ and ‘Nevada’. ‘Cascade’ is, in a word, addictive, having great lyrics: ‘You spit fire and it makes me run away / It cuts deep like a switchblade’ ‘Nevada’ is rawer and edgier than ‘Cascade’, yet still - it’s irresistible and you cannot overhear its highly amazing bridge consisting of ‘Nevada I miss you’ repeated on and on until the song reaches a climactic end. The most amazing part of the record comes with the trio of ‘Name On My Lips’, ‘Mean Streak’ and ‘Trespasser’. These songs work together flawlessly, but the stand-out here is ‘Mean Streak.’ A combination of infectious electro-beats, lush vocals and a killer chorus makes it the heart of the album. It’s a song about a flaw (we may all possess) that is viewed as a deal-breaker by the other: ‘There’s just this, this one thing that keeps me from you’ The only weaker point of the album would be ‘Waves’.

To sum up, Deluka will make you dance, scream, jump, sing, and play the virtual electric guitar... Yes, they are that amazing. The state-of-art electro-dance-rock.


Jozef Hipp