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05/03/2013 13:01


Any plans in particular for the summer holidays? Why not fly across the pond and visit the United States?

If you are toying with the idea of spending the next summer in the US, you should definitely visit the lecture promoting Work and Travel USA program, in which more and more Slovak students are becoming interested every year. You will get answers to all your questions as well as all the necessary information. The lecture will focus on the eligibility criteria and participation requirements in the Work and Travel program, possible ways of finding a suitable job and ways how to avoid taking risks. You will have a chance to direct your questions at speakers Juraj Kušník, owner of Alaska Travel and Work and Travel expert, and Adriana Klopfer, USA Visa Sponsor.

If you'd like to visit the United States, this lecture is definitely a good starting point. Just don't make any other plans and come to the Faculty of Commerce of The University of Economics in Bratislava on Wednesday at 4 pm.


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Zuzana Servanská


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