Wondering what to do tomorrow?

19/06/2010 22:37

So the summer has arrived...I can hear you sigh with relief. You‘re free to do whatever

you want, and one of the options is galleries, museums, expos - static art.

I did that today and will again.

So let me share it with you.

My today‘s destination was the Pallfy Palace partaking in the month of the Italian culture festival called Dolce Vitaj.  Are you interested in glitters, good and bad dream dresses, Versace, Sarli and glamour? Then the 50 years of Italian fashion is your cup of tea until August 29.  Please, be careful to heed the prohibition of photographing, unless you wish to be thrown into the palace‘s cellar and left there with the remnants of the Celtic Oppidum and a grave that dates back to the first century AD. Scary. 

And that was only the ground floor.

Speaking of the ground floor...let me not forget the nice and cheerful Mrs. Mária, a gallery attendant, who will eagerly and patiently answer any idiotic question you ask her and not let you feel like an idiot for a second. 

On the first floor you will meet major representatives of Stories and Phenomena of the 20th century Slovak Visual Art II. Of course, you will not meet them personally but through their creative work, which sometimes might be more revealing than a personal encounter.


After you have walked through the famous Matej Krén passage of mirrors and books, you can be legitimately called a citizen of Bratislava. It is a must-walk-through and must-see. Then a few pieces of Slovak Gothic Art and you‘re ready to walk up the wonderful staircase to the second floor with the best that remains to be seen of the Italian dresses - a white wedding dress woven from the moonlight fiber and sprinkled with the stars or a dress that was worn by Carla Bruni.  


If you‘re a fan of fantastic realism of Albín Brunovský’s illustrations and his Blue Book of Fairytales, turn right and dream in color or black-and white. Equally satisfying.And if you still haven‘t had enough, climb the last staircase and admire the outbursts of Ildikó Pálová‘s colorful soul. Her paintings don’t lack any color of the spectrum.

Now, tell me something about the versatility of the Palffy Palace Gallery!

Note that the price for the whole gallery tour is highly student-friendly – 2 euros – all-inclusive. 




photos: Katarína Koreňová, source for the paintings and photo of the dress : www.gmb.sk (Galéria mesta Bratislavy, Pálffyho Palác, Panská 19)


Date: 23/06/2010

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The entrance for students of humanities is free

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