Winter Came in the Midst of Summer by Katarína Koreňová

25/02/2010 22:06


       Winter came in

       The midst of summer

       Singing its deadly lullaby of frost

       Trying to persuade the lonely pilgrim

       That the heyday of blessed sunshine

       Is forever lost


       Has peace ceased forever?

       Has all light been spent?

       Did he in the midst of summer

       Run out of saving grace?


       When winter steals

       In the midst of summer

       Does he know? 

       That nor winter

       Nor summer

       Can endure time’s ticking flow?


       Does he know that what

       He thinks he’s lost

       In snow and frost 

       Will spread its buds again in spring?

       That the rest lies on the hands of sky,

       And not on him


       When the heavens teach us

       And send blessings of woe


       Is that a reason to give up

       Or to grow