Who’s YOUR Favorite? by Zuzana Rajčáková

07/03/2012 22:15

Slovakia will hold early general elections on Saturday, March 10. Since the country achieved its independence in 1993, this is the third time that the government’s 4-year term has ended before its expiry. Yes, life in Slovakia sometimes sucks. To be fair, life sometimes sucks in other countries, too. But when the general elections could mean a concrete change in view and you are desperately flipping through ballot sheets, life sucks even more. Many people in Slovakia will probably feel like this on Saturday. Nevertheless, even if the end of the world is coming up soon, it doesn’t have to mean an end to Slovak democracy, does it? Therefore, we responsible Slovaks should get off our bottoms and go vote this Saturday.


To avoid sweating while standing in an election booth, you should decide in advance which party you will vote for. Who’s contending for your favour this time? Well, the selection is great. Just choose.


Party n°1

Well, guys from this Party are trying to appeal to the youth, who they view as a promising future of our nation – a new generation. The only thing they offer more of is degeneration as they promote the legalization of marihuana and support anti-life laws such as abortions. If they were given a chance, they would probably put into practice what they affirm to be right. What do their children, who have become part of their billboard campaign, think about being killed prenatally? If the members of this party set examples to be emulated, then letting down a partner and paralyzing the whole system is pretty cool.


Party n°2

This party bets on certainties. Unfortunately, certainties for them mean uncertainty for future generations. The best example of the possible effects of their policy is Greece that got to its present trouble as a result of the wrong decisions made by its left-wing government. Unfortunately, they are not dissimilar to the solutions to problems proposed by this Slovak party.


Party n°3

They are not even in the Parliament, yet they lie and steal. I don’t claim that they steal money, but they definitely deprive Slovak people of their honour when they use the identity of a dead man and still think we would trust them in the serious questions of government.


Party n°4

Communism and a scoopful of ice cream for one crown. Paradise. Somebody doesn’t seem to have given up yet. Somebody has not got that we live in the 21st century and we cannot move one step forward and two backward.


Party n°5

The diligent work of this party has been overshadowed by recent revelations and as a whole it is dealing with a fatal blow. A party on the rise has turned into a waning party overnight. There is no way its current leader will win this marathon. But despite everything, the party always hands over the country in a better economic condition than when it received it.


Party n°6

Minorities rulz! Let’s vote for them to allow a minority to subjugate and govern the Slovak nation. Amen.


Party n°7

Another candidate for leaving the Slovak political scene. That is the reason why the leader and his team of racist dummies willingly offer whatever we want just to raise their preferences. For example, they promise an implausible increase in pensions.


Party n°8

A new-old face that wants to bring a fresh breeze into Slovak politics. Wow! What lofty ideals! Who is this leader? A young blood? Wait. Isn’t he the one who did the cleansing in his own party? Six of one and half a dozen of the other... Another lie of a politician.


Well, as you can see, there are plenty of promises, an incredible number of aims and a heap of lies you can pick from. However, Slovakia needs every single vote to decide about a better future. Do not give up and do not give up on your vote. This is all about you. YOU have a chance to do something meaningful and useful, so why not do it? Otherwise, we all will be singing:


Zuzana Rajčáková



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