Who owns the Moon?

17/04/2013 11:53

Photo: wikipedia


Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to buy the Sun? Who owns the Moon? Where does the outer space begin? If you want to find answers to these questions, you should definitely visit the lecture of Professor Steven Freeland The Wonders of Space Law - How Regulating the Heavens Affects Our Life on Earth. Let us remind you kindly that the lecture will be held in English.

Maybe you heard the news from Steven Hawking last week that people should start considering looking for another planet to live on. With people landing on the Moon, the space travel seems to be gaining momentum. It will perhaps not be too long before the space travel becomes not only the astronauts’ domain, but will also regard “common” people. But who exactly owns the celestial bodies? That is where the legal issues come into play. The current law system is not sufficient in the space law tourism and it raises many unanswered questions. Fortunately, there is someone who can set our hearts at rest and that person is Steven Freeland.

Steven Freeland’s professional interests are really wide. He is professor of International Law at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, and quite an authority in the field of International Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Public International Law, Space Law and International Environmental Law.

It is obvious that translators and interpreters should build their knowledge in different areas. If you want to add the Space Law to your list, make sure you come to the lecture held on Thursday, April 18, 2013, at 14:00 in Aula Odeon (the second floor) at the Faculty of Law, Pan-European University.


Zuzana Servanská