What the Eye Doesn’t See, the Heart Doesn’t Grieve Over

16/10/2012 10:49

Miranda Watts was lying on her bed with a sleeping eye patch covering her eyes for she had recently undergone an eye surgery to improve her sight. The curtains were drawn, allowing little light to penetrate into the room. The house was completely still; only the wall clock could be heard ticking loudly. She heard a voice from downstairs. “Probably just Ian talking on the phone,” Miranda thought. Ian West was her boyfriend, with whom she had been living for over a year now. They were happily in love, planning their future together. She was daydreaming about a nice summer holiday when she heard nearing footsteps.

“Oh, darling, what perfect timing! I’m so thirsty. Please get me something, will you?”

“Uh huh,” he mumbled, moving around the room, looking for a glass. Some more footsteps, creaking of the bathroom door, a click of the switch, water running, another click of the switch, footsteps.

“Thaaank you!” she accepted the glass with great pleasure and drank it all up in a single gulp. “Ah, that’s good…” she exclaimed and handed him the glass.

“Oh my God, I just had the weirdest dream ever!” she went on. “We were sitting on a bench when it suddenly turned into a boat,” she described the scene vividly and gestured broadly. “Suddenly, we were on the open sea and I was like ‘Paddle! We’re sinking!’ and you were like ‘No! Do it yourself woman!’ Can you believe it?!” she laughed, not really waiting for an answer. ”Then,” she burst out dramatically, “water appeared in our boat and I thought, silly me, it was just sea water, right? But…but,” she was already choking with laughter. After a while she calmed down. “Guess what! It was amniotic fluid. Imagine! Amniotic fluid all over the boat!” she was rolling from side to side laughing her head off, the bed softly creaking every now and then. He, on the other hand, didn’t think it was that funny, but chuckled nevertheless.

“Wanna know what it was, Daddy? POP! A baby girl was there and a minute later another POP! A second little human being. A boy! Twins! Ohmigod, two at a time! Incredible. Do you get the picture? A big, big mess, endless crying, sleepless nights, dirty nappies, multiply that by two and you have it. Oh, yeah,” she sighed and threw her arm over her eyes. He studied her silently for a moment. His heart leapt at the thought of having a child with Miranda. He shook his head and sighed knowing it was probably never going to happen.

“Yes, exactly. I know what you mean…” she pointed her forefinger in the direction where she thought he might be standing. “All the non-stop care and responsibility and stuff like that…” she trailed off. Silence fell. His long deep breath was heard alongside her short and sharp breathing.

“You know, I think we still have time… we should enjoy a few years together on our own and then we will see,” she smiled at the ceiling.

“But I don’t have much time,” he thought, feeling miserably, his mind trailing back to the conversation from a few minutes ago.

“Well, never mind. Let’s drop it… I hope the recovery won’t take much longer. I wonder what doctors will say on Monday… Gosh, I really miss the daylight. You know, it’s not until you lose something that you realise how much you need it,” she stated.

“Uh huh,” he mumbled again. He could only agree.

“And when you have it again, you’re back where you started; back to your selfish, ungrateful, unappreciating self. Rather sad actually.” They both pondered this for a while. She yawned, stretched and adjusted her eye patch.

“It’s funny but resting and sleeping so much makes me even more tired. Already looking forward to working out and jogging and well anything that doesn’t involve lying in bed.” He raised his eyebrows wondering if she realised what she had just excluded. “No!” she cried. “Wait. Not everything, of course, honey.” They both laughed. They had already known each other for so long. ‘She always talks first and thinks afterwards,’ he thought and smiled. ‘So beautiful… so close and yet so far.’ He was uneasy.

A bird chirped outside. He looked out of the window. Miranda slowly breathed in, hoping Ian would get the hint. A wooden floorboard creaked under his feet. Sound of an opening window. In a moment she felt a breeze of fresh air brush her skin. A smile of satisfaction settled on Miranda’s face. He took a step closer to her bed and considered speaking up at last. He had just opened his mouth when a brilliant idea entered his head.

“I could get used to such good service, you know,” she said slyly. “I have all I want and need in the blink of an eye, well metaphorically speaking, of course,” she giggled as her eyes were supposed to be closed the whole time. He sat down on the edge of the bed. Miranda was all smiles. “But I reckon sooner or later, you’d become fed up with me,” she bit her lip innocently. He placed his hand lightly on a pillow beside her head. “But I suppose I’d just become a lazy…” he leaned over her so that their faces were now only a few inches from each other. “… coach potato,” she breathed out. “I… wait, are you wearing a new perfume?” He smiled to himself at how easily she could lose her bearings sometimes. Miranda frowned. He knew it was time to clear the air. He kissed her, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. As their lips finally parted, he ran his finger along her cheek and imprinted the image of the breathless Miranda, whose mouth was still slightly open, into his mind. “I…” she gasped, unable to say anything. It was unusual for Miranda to remain speechless. She listened to his fading footsteps muffled by a carpet in the corridor. As he was going downstairs, Ian’s words echoed in his head: “This is going to be the first thing she sees when her eyes are fine again!” and a picture of an engagement ring appeared clearly before his eyes.

“Hey, man!” Ian exclaimed from the living room, “How is she?” 

“What…? Oh, she’s just fallen asleep…” he smiled weakly and when Ian headed towards the stairs, he added quickly: “Better let her rest a little more.”

“Yeah, right,” Ian winked.

“I gotta be going.”

He had his hand on the doorknob when Ian called: “Hey, Brian!” Brian looked over his shoulder trying to avoid making eye contact.

“Drop by anytime you like. I mean, Miranda is always glad to see you.”

‘As I’m her best friend it’s only natural Ian…’ Brian thought sarcastically.

“Well, at this very moment,” Ian laughed awkwardly, “I should say to hear you,” he winked again.

‘Oh, what pleasure it would be to gouge that eye out,’ Brian visualized that mischievously. “Be sure I will,” he answered and left with a shred of hope in the back of his mind.        


Kristína Pobjecká



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