What Are You Doing Here? by Irene González De la Fuente

01/04/2012 14:20

Photo: uniag.sk

“What are you doing here?” Every time I meet some Slovak for the first time, it’s the first question they ask. Then follow “Why did you choose Bratislava?” and “Why didn’t you choose France or a richer country?”


Women on the whole tend to think too much. It’s one of our main characteristics. But, me? Well, I don’t bother my head with too much rational thought. For instance, when it comes to shoes, I don’t think too much about what I’m doing. I love shoes. I get this feeling when I see a darling pair of shoes: I’m sure they’re looking at me. And then I hear them calling out, “BUY ME!” I even see them batting their eyelashes at me when they say it. I don’t need them; they’re probably uncomfortable and expensive, but I buy them anyway. Just because something – let’s call it stupidity – in my head tells me to.


So, I had seen Bratislava written at the bottom of the Erasmus destination list. And it batted its eyelashes at me! I found it eastern, exotic, new… different! I immediately yelled to my mum (who was in the kitchen), “Muuum I’m choosing Bratislava! I’m going there!”


“Where is that?” she replied. But I was as lost as she was. Google again: the SLOVAK REPUBLIC. Wow!


“Doesn’t that sound great, Mum?”


“No, it doesn’t. It sounds far away from here.” And, luckily, it was – far, far away from home. Exactly what I wanted.


Everybody knows what people in France do: they wear thin moustaches and striped Dior t-shirts, and eat baguettes. But what do people in Slovakia do? Not everybody knows that. I didn’t want to stay somewhere in the well-known part of Europe. I mean ‘well-known’ for me, because I’m Spanish, and we’re self-centered. We don’t care what happens beyond Austria. If we drew a map of Europe, it would be something like this: Spain and Portugal would be one and the same country, with France above it, then England on the left; Germany would have a big footnote ‘BOSS’ written below it, and below that would be the Italian boot; and to the right, for everything from the Czech Republic to Russia, we would draw a huge circle and label it ‘EAST EUROPE’ – you know, the ones that were communist, not very rich. In short, those countries that only exist the day of the Eurovision Contest.


I wanted to change that. That’s why I came here, but if you ask me I won’t tell you that. I’ll tell you, “I didn’t think about it much; I just liked the name Bratislava.”



Date: 07/06/2012

By: sophiffe

Subject: monsterheadsets@hotmail.com

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<p>Last season, the Heat defeat in the finals, they can also explain the running of the Big Three is not enough, they still have time to continue to wait. This season, if the Heat lost to the Celtics Canzhen stop the Eastern Conference finals, the team may have to reflect on their original idea to build team really won the championship trophy.?</p>
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