Travel Spots: Náměšť Na Hané Castle by Katarína Koreňová

25/08/2010 09:23

Náměšť na Hané Castle (Czech Republic)

Sightseeing for desperate romantics 


Would you like to travel to the Czech Republic and  see a place other than Prague? The Olomouc region is a good choice, one of the reasons being a picturesque 18th century castle situated in a village of the same name: Náměšť na Hané. The Baroque castle was built by Count Ferdinand Bonaventura Harrach in 1760-1763. History has it that the remains of a medieval castle in the locality served as building material. The style of the resulting building is described as early classical or „Moravian“ Baroque influenced by French architecture. When its first owner died, his daughter inherited the castle and married Count Josef Kinsky, whose family sold it after more than 100 years’ residence to a wealthy merchant named František Ottahal for 2,600,000 crowns. He took up the task of modernizing the castle and had water, heating and electricity brought in. According to the Beneš Decrees, the castle was confiscated in 1945 and opened for the public only after 2000.

The ground plan and wings of the castle have never been substantially changed, so what you can see today is exactly what was built by the Harrachs back in the 18th century.



The castle tours are led by a clever and likeable guide Martina Navratilova, who somehow matches the castles romantic feel. She will explain to you everything you want to know and, if she likes you, will add some of the castle's secrets.


When you enter, probably the first thing that strikes you is how well the furnishings and furniture have been preserved. It seems that inside the castle time has stopped and the noble lords and ladies have just gone out for a walk. You can ramble through the corridors and let your imagination sink into soft cushions on beds or imagine yourself wearing the wedding dresses that hang in the closet.

The castle prides itself on its collection of prams and carriages and is surrounded by a beautiful park. Every summer a folk music festival Zahrada takes place in the vicinity of the castle.And if you are planning to get married, you might consider Náměšť na Hané a number one romantic option.



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Photo: Katarína Koreňová

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