23/12/2012 22:06

By courtesy of Katarína Koreňová

Served the white eagle, fought for his glory

Helped rescue its wings, from the iron fang,

The iron cross fell, all was red and gory,

Radzyn with open arms, great praise then sang


Grunwald defended, may live the saviours,

May the black fang disappear forever,

Thank you lion, for saving its feathers,

May we never, forget the endeavor,


Limbs torn asunder, as the battle raged,

Eagle against cross, in the tormenting plains,

Poetic battle cries, the pain assuaged,

Vicious sights of blood dripping from cut veins


Eagle and Lion, noble friends in war,

And in party, God be with them forever,

Both never surrender, both courage store,            

Lord bless their brave hearts, let them never fall,


To great fame you shall in the future soar,

Never has one met a man so clever,

Glory, honor eclipsing that of Thor

Your armies shall reign, crush the enemies’ wall


Return to your land, bring back its glory,

Unleash the lion’s for now muffled roar

Maul the Fox, make to him known your story,

Of how heart and wit shatter steel in war



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