Top 10 Books for Winter Nights

26/01/2014 16:05

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The weather conditions outside are changing, and even if we aren’t so glad about this, winter has finally come. These long winter evenings seem to be a perfect time for you to get to know a few books in your cosy armchair or bed. Therefore, let’s have a look with which literary works we can make friends during cold winter nights.


10) The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco

Let’s start with a classic: the most famous novel by the Italian writer. If you feel like moving to a medieval Italian monastery and trying to solve a murder mystery together with a Franciscan friar, this book may become really addictive. Please don’t be terrified by the number of pages; you won’t notice the passage of time.


9) Oscar and the Lady in Pink Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

A short novel which is often considered to be of the same class as the legendary The Little Prince. Have you wondered if it’s possible to experience the taste of life and discover its deepest meaning within twelve days? The mortally ill Oscar doesn’t believe in fairytales anymore, but thanks to the Lady in Pink he is able to discover all the stages of human existence on the earth. Don’t ask how this is possible – you will see when you read this masterpiece written by Mr Schmitt.


8) Fairy Tales and Stories – Hans Christian Andersen

Everyone would love to be a child again, so here is a marvellous opportunity to feel like a little Katka or Maťo for a while. You don’t have to read all stories, some of them are just perfect for the winter time – “The Little Match Girl” or “The Snow Queen” can easily help you accommodate to the harsh winter conditions.


7) The Shining – Stephen King

Readers consider this novel the all-time best horror story, and it seems they may be right. If you happen to be familiar with the work of Stephen King, you must know that he is the master of creating suspense, turning points and unexpected endings. This time we can familiarize ourselves with the story of the Torrance family who aren’t just the ordinary family they seem to be at the beginning. Goose flesh guaranteed.


6) Promise Me – Richard Paul Evans

The book about promises whose power can prevail over time. Mr Evans has written a story about love, being cheated and dealing with loneliness, but he has also included a supernatural plot in it. I can’t tell you more ‘cause this will spoil the pleasure of savouring this best-selling novel.


5) The Time Traveler's Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

The most original love story I’ve ever read. Two people fighting with time in order to somehow reach a happy ending. The plot becomes a bit complicated from time to time, so you have to read carefully. And when you finish, you can watch a fabulous movie based on the book starring the great Eric Bana.


4) The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I suppose every one of you has heard about this bestseller by Mr Zafon, and I’m not surprised at all. The novel combines thriller and love plots which interchange through the whole story. The author has created an amazing, mysterious story engaging the reader from the very first pages.


3) P.S. I Love You – Cecelia Ahern

The novel by an Irish writer has been my favourite for quite a long time. When you reach for this work, remember to prepare a few packages of tissues – P.S. I Love You is a real tear-jerker. And even if it’s another book about love, you will discover it’s not so typical and foreseeable ‘cause it shows that love can defeat death. Literally.


2) Ice PrincessCamilla Läckberg

This crime novel whose plot is set in a small Swedish town, Fjällbacka, is a must-read for people who are in love with the works of Scandinavian criminal writers and keen on trying to solve mysteries. The book is written with great attention to language; Ms Läckberg has really done her best here. Criminal plots make up a coherent whole which ends with a bit of surprise.


1) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson

The first place definitely belongs to the first part of The Millennium Trilogy. Its plot is set in Scandinavia (like the aforementioned Ice Princess), which makes it a great choice for the winter time. Watch out – you will fall in love with the whole series. It’s not only because of the fantastic writing skills of Larsson’s, but also due to the main characters: Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.

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