Tomb, Mystery and Fiesta by Airam Mare

05/04/2010 15:29



                                      Human life is a twinkling of the eye

                                     Then one remembers every sorrow

                                     Every meadow the Sun could shadow

                                    Those who love cannot abhor nor die                       


                               After Lent - mandatory or voluntary- comes

                             a time for altar boys to peer at forbidden fruits

                            during the church service out of yearly concerns

                         At once a silent thought can be heard- that dying hurts

                       A moment of suffering mingled with Love as clear as mud

                     which reminds us of the One who is dwelling in old and young

                 No matter how short volatile or powerful affection may entangle us

               Whether  illicit – tainted – tempted—unrestrained- or completely free

            The One - Love Himself - embraces humanity and redeems you and me                    


        Then a tradition appears to whip and souse naivety – just for fun or a jolly yearn

    (or rather the lack of sense?) they offer forced smiles and chocolate bunnies in return

                                          !De gustibus non est disputandum!

                                        But the tomb will arrive, sooner or later

                                       Gentlemen will think back on missies lost

                                      And madams reflect those they loved most

                                     Clock knocks- why do we ignore the matter?