The International Poetry Festival Ars Poetica

15/10/2012 11:25

Or the art of poetry. But not just that. The festival will be a fine display of culture, feeding its visitors with words, images and sounds.


Perspectives team would like to cordially invite you to Ars Poetica festival, one of the largest literature events with international attendance. Though primarily focused on poetry readings, the festival will be accompanied by other events too, such as film screenings, concerts and a modern art exhibition. During the festival winners of the literary competition Asseco Solutions Poems 2012 announced by the civic association will be awarded their prizes. Visitors will have a chance to see a selection of good-quality movies, which however have not made their way to the mainstream cinemas, such as Sister, Pina, Fair-Play, The Tree of Life, Bells of Joy or Faust.


There will be three evenings of poetry readings hosted by Martin Solotruk. The poems wil be read by the authors themselves and the Slovak translations will be presented by actors Lucia Hurajová and Marek Majeský. You will have a chance to get to know the work of many critically acclaimed authors coming from different corners of the world such as Finland, France, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands etc. The readings will be followed by concerts of Riverloam Trio (PL/GB), Saténové ruky (SK) and Davaï (RU/FR).


The main venue of the festival will be the cultural centre Dunaj (KC Dunaj). The films will be screened at the Lumière cinema. From 15th to 31st Oct. 2012 there will be an exhibition of modern art by Maria Zanolli and Laura Veronesi (IT), entitled After Words at the Italian Cultural Institute (Kapucínska 7), exploring the boundaries between text and image.


If you'd like to know about the beginnings and history of the festival, you may read an interview with the festival director Martin Solotruk at


You may find the program of the festival here:


See you at KC Dunaj!


Zuzana Servanská & Zuzana Starovecká