Teskohippies Coming to Town

24/02/2012 10:28

Don’t have a plan for next Tuesday? Now you do.


You are cordially invited to an alternative concert of the indie band Teskohippies to take place at Slovenský rozhlas on February 28, at 8 p.m. Behind the name, there are five boys from Vrbové and Piešťany, some of whom obviously celebrate No Shave November all year round. Their 2011 debut album Trying to Make U Stay definitely has the potential to ripple the still waters of the Slovak alternative scene.


In their own words, Teskohippies is about expressing frustration over “the loss of ideals in this postmodern world.” So prepare yourselves for a band ironizing subculture as such. Their songs are catchy, and sometimes they even surprise you with their sound, like the bluesy mouth harp in “Jack & Coke” or voices screaming in the background. The song “Smells like Southern Lands” is highly addictive. Their guitars are exactly what you want to hear. They are simple but not boring.


If you crave cultural nourishment but you’re a student short of money, then know Teskohippies will appear within Pohoda_FM music sessions, a monthly event that is free of charge to attend.


See you on February 28, at 8 p.m., in Studio No. 5 at Slovenský rozhlas.

Kristína Škovierová