Sunbeams by Airam Mare

08/03/2010 15:27


A  brittle  Snowflake in the blizzard

A  piddling Vapor in the mighty dew

A flickering Candlewick in the gloom

And a naked Dead-Leaf in the meadow

A vain Flower under some massive trees

A false Voice hushed by sacred melodies

A mournful Murmur in the sonant quarrel

And pallid Drops and Drops in the Ocean

                                                                                                         -we are-

But a mere Snowflake can tickle a smile

And a blob of brume can raise our spirit

A solitary candle will conquer our sorrow

A Grass-Blade heralds a spring if blooms

And a small Flower can light  cold hearts

And a false Tone composes a cordial song

So does a sick whisper when with wisdom

And a Volant Drop that quenches our thirst