Student Research Contest Conference – Another Year, Another Chance

02/12/2011 16:30

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Last April our Department witnessed a rather exciting event - our students presented their scholarly works at our section of the Student Research Contest. On the pages of Perspectives, you can still find and enjoy the three winning papers.


There seems to be a number of good reasons to plan on a continuation of this revived tradition--but perhaps it is also high time to remind this chance to those who might consider participating next year. The research papers can deal with any Anglicist themes of the authorsʼ interest and choice. They should be written in English, the extent being between 10 to 15 standard pages, and submitted in three copies to the Secretary of the Department by the deadline (most probably late March) which, together with more organizational details, will be specified later. If you need to consult your research, you might like to check with the members of the Department whether they could offer you some guidance and consultations.


Well, if you decide to meet the challenge and join in, you might like to start soon - maybe with the new year.


As a reminder of the achievements in the April 2011 Contest, and with the former consent of the authors, we are bringing the remaining three papers presented there.

(c) Dominika Uhríková, "On Some Common Errors in Slovak ESL/EFL Writing"


(c) Veronika Lakotová, " The Arthurian Cycle in Film "


(c) Jana Kovárová, " Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Doggy Phraseology "


Ada Böhmerová




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