Student Research Competition Conference Revisited

08/05/2011 18:12

Carlos Porto /

A while ago we informed you about the then upcoming Student Research Competition Conference held within our own Departmental Section on April 28th thanks to six students of English who submitted their research projects. Now in retrospect we would like to return to the event which, undoubtedly, proved to be a success for all those presenting and present.

The papers were found to be of high quality, thus the academic committee faced a really difficult task of decision-making. But as the choice had to be made, it was finally determined that the criterion of the presentation itself would be taken into consideration. Hence, the results of the competition are as follows:

  • 1st Prize: Lýdia Machová: Typical Errors of Non-Professional Translators in Translations from English into Slovak;

  • 2nd Prize: Jozef Hipp: Selected Common Themes in Contemporary Pop Music of British Female Vocalists;

  • 3rd Prize: Adam Hudec: North vs South: Phonological Diversity in American English.

The winners, who of course deserve also our congratulations, were awarded the prizes by Dean Prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Šušol, CSc. and Vice-Dean Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Anton Eliáš, CSc. at a faculty ceremony on May 17th. In addition to the certificate, they have also been awarded a – certainly welcome – lump-sum scholarship, its amount depending on their position on the scale of winners.

To give the readers of Perspectives the chance of profiting from their research, and based upon the consent of the authors, we are publishing the winning papers – just click on the names of the winners above. At some later point, we plan on publishing also the papers of the other three competitors.

Our Department formed one of the 20 sections of this year’s competition at the Faculty of Arts in which on the whole more than 200 students took part. The event itself was preceded by the awarding of the newly founded Daniel Tupý Prize in memory of our former student who five and a half years ago became a victim of violence. In the presence of his parents and brother, the prize commemorating him and the tragedy was awarded to the winners of the competition of scholarly papers written on the theme of preventing violence.

Ada Bohmerová

The committee in the foreground: (from left) Dr. Huttová, Doc. Bázlik and Doc. Bohmerová