Student Conference on Inter-American Studies

22/01/2012 15:31

We would like to cordially invite you to
the Student Conference on Inter-American Studies,
which will take place on Thursday,
16 February 2012,
 at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University,
Room G127.

The main goal of the conference is to examine the Americas as a complex unit and as the Western Hemisphere. The conference will further explore the cooperation of North and South Americas and the position of individual states within this mechanism. The event will be opened by a foreign guest lecturer from the University of Graz, Mag. phil Georg Schendl, whose lecture will introduce Inter-American Studies as a new academic field that has become part of curricula at several European and American universities.


The conference papers will focus on the issue of US-Mexico borders, the history of their relations, maquiladoras and the identity crisis, the position of Canada and its involvement in the political and cultural development of the “Western Hemisphere", migration and its impact on the identity of immigrants, the position of Brazil in the Spanish-speaking South America and the native inhabitants of the Americas and their current status in society.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge, but the capacity of the conference room is limited. Therefore, a preferential right to attend the conference will be given to those participants who will have registered in advance. If you are interested in attending the event, fill in the registration form below and send it to by February 5. You can reserve a seat for a particular presentation or the whole conference this way.

After the conference we  will publish a volume of proceedings from the conference, with all the papers and their translations into Slovak. The price of the volume will be approximately €3. Should like to purchase a copy, please pre-order one either by e-mail or in person during the conference day.

The conference will be accompanied by a Book Fair of Oxford Bookshop, for whose sponsorship we are grateful, in Room G 236. Oxford Bookshop will offer a wide range of fiction and nonfiction and academic literature from different fields in several foreign languages. Both card and cash payments will be accepted.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference,


Jana Hulová
on behalf of the organization team of the Student Conference on Inter-American Studies

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Date: 07/02/2012

By: Rafael Donnadío

Subject: Student Conference on Inter-American Studies

Dear Organizers

I am a mexican cultural promotor linving in Vienna and would like to attend next Frebruary 16. the Student Conference on Inter-American Studies. Do I need to pay a Fee for it? Can you telle if I have to register, and where?

Thank you for the answer and congratulation for this project!

Rafael Donnadío /

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