So yeah... by Princess Awesome

19/02/2012 12:42

The first week is behind us. I don’t know about the others, but I kinda enjoyed it. It is a bit hard to get our lazy bottoms back on a horse after almost two months of (mostly) free time. Most of us were studying their heads off for their exams, some of us managed to nail it right in December. Me personally, I was bending over backwards to finish everything without having to resit any of my exams – or as I call it, not to break the Stream of Awesomeness. Almost... Somebody apparently doesn’t approve of the Stream of Awesomeness. Or they’re just jealous, duh... ;-)


Anyway, Monday, February 13, brought us back to our beloved educational institute. 7:20 at G7 was a real wake up call. And reality kicks hard. Yup, waking up at 5.30 a.m. makes one appreciate free weekends more.  


However, the real problem turned out to be nothing but the AIS system and class registering. Wonder why people still get so angry about that thing. It’s a system. Systems are configured by people. And people, when bored, just want to troll us. Especially when they have an opportunity. Because the idea of registering for classes is that you actually know what class schedule you have BEFORE the semester starts. Or am I wrong? So then, why on god’s green earth would they open the system the first day of school at 8 a.m.? Ah, yes, I guess the argument would be that it’s logical. Well, let me put it this way, Mr. Spock – it is absolutely not! At 8 a.m. on Monday, I was on my way to work. Some of my classmates were still drunk; some of my classmates were already in their classes and some of my classmates... Never mind.


Since we live in a land of gorillas (though I’d say monkeys, but OK) I don’t expect anything else. Why would we make things easier when the harder way is more fun...? Sarcasm? Absolutely.


As I was standing in a relatively crowded bus, sometime around half past eight in the morning, and checking my Facebook for my friends’ updates, I couldn’t help but laugh. I hadn’t seen so many angry and furious comments since December last year, when we had an exam in Slovak stylistics.


Right there I was happy I had made my schedule back in September. Nevertheless, a few days afterwards I checked my AIS configuration as well. I went through all of my credits and classes, counted them one by one, once again, whether everything is fine. And it was. It was so fine that I actually started banging my head against the wall. That cheeky system got me as well! Because counting credits through that thing is like solving a Sudoku riddle – you make one petty mistake and you can start all over again. So there I was, sitting speechless in front of my laptop. According to my mathematics skills (which, as I had been convinced for the last 6 months, were absolutely flawless), 107 plus 83 equals 180. Yes. Facepalm indeed.


Anyways, despite the obvious mess with the beginning of the semester (and quite frankly I still think that things are much smoother now than in winter), some of us managed to pull off a stunt that even I wouldn’t have the courage to do. Yes, the Conference. Turned out to be quite a success. Kudos boys and girls, you made your Momma proud. I’m not going to discuss it here because I’m pretty sure a report from it will be up here somewhere very soon. Some of us are just busy as bees.


So yeah... A new semester has just started. Everything is as pure as the white snow outside; everyone is full of excitement. Let’s kick it hard then. Remember: Don’t panic, organize! There’s more of us...  


Princess Awesome



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