Scumbag brain… by Princess Awesome

27/02/2012 19:00

I had an awesome idea about this week’s column. But my scumbag brain let it go before I had a chance to write it down. It’s interesting how we get all these amazing ideas right before we fall asleep, and we are sure we will remember them in the morning. Well… that’s not how it works.


I could just recapitulate what has happened in the past seven days. Quite frankly, that would make for three sentences. I have classes only twice a week (alright, you perfectionists, one class of interpreting on Tuesday morning but after that I sprint to work, so I take it as one unit). Thus I barely get any gossip! I need to start wandering around the corridors again. Or I could do it like Gossip Girl – have people spy on each other and then make them report to me. Nah, too much work.


However, it’s true that I somehow managed to spread some gossip about myself. See, what would you think if I told you that every day, from 9 to 10 a.m., I visit a gentleman in a hotel on Bajkalska Street? Yeah… But hold your horses, boys and girls. I’m just an English teacher. Half of this hotel is offices and my student runs the fifth floor. See where the lack of information can lead? Yes, premature assumptions!


Anyway, the past seven days have been quite productive. I finally got a chance (because I had been sooo busy before) to start working on my thesis. I had been getting annoyed by other, ehrmm… diligent students, who already got all actual and formal issues with their theses done. So on Tuesday morning I sat down in my dad’s home office – which is actually the entrance hallway in our apartment where we have a desktop computer and a bookcase with my dad’s work stuff – but saying it’s an office gives it a more sophisticated tone. I opened iTunes, tuned in my favorite French ambient radio and I got down to work. I spent the first thirty minutes just checking and replying to emails; the next 20 minutes were murdered on Facebook and after that I clicked (not intentionally!!) on 9gag. Do I need to say more?


Nevertheless, after I won the fight with Google Chrome, over whether I would close it or not, I finally started the actual thesis-ing. I had some notes from my teacher. He had given me some ideas to brainstorm. Those, however, didn’t help much so I sought help with my friend Tangerine. You see, Tangerine is this super crazy smart awesome redhead from Portland who runs  But I’ll get to that some other time.


After I got the outline, the rest went quite well. In two days I nailed 10 pages. Yes, I’m bragging and I’m enjoying it! My point is – for those who are still hopelessly procrastinating every day – it is not as hard as it may seem. I mean, the actual thesis writing, not procrastinating – that is beyond easy. Just think of what you want to write about, make some outline so the thesis makes sense and the rest will go easy. The hardest part is to get started.


And if you get an awesome idea right before you fall asleep, get up and write it down so you don’t have to regret it in the morning. The brain is a scumbag. Oh and for those who go to bed somewhat intoxicated, remember: “potato” is not a groundbreaking idea ;-)


Princess Awesome

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