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03/10/2013 19:26

Rev. of Out of Order by Ray Cooney, produced by ActofKAA


If you read the title in the voice of Petra Pančíková, you are probably one of the lucky souls who saw the Monday production of the play Out of Order by ActofKAA, the student theatre troupe at the Department of British and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava. The theatre was so crowded that there were no more places to sit, and it seemed like a part of the audience was giving a standing ovation already. Although the enormous interest contributed to a delay of the performance, it didn’t bother anybody. The people were in a good mood, and it gave the smartphone fans some time to top their high scores in Candy Crush.

           Then came a meaningful cough, everything went quiet, and the play began. Thanks to the wonderful scene, which the actors had built themselves, we were suddenly transferred to Room 648 in the Westminster Hotel... ehm... I mean... the British Museum. The thing is, Mr. Willey, a junior minister, is trying to have a secret affair, but it isn't going as smoothly as he has hoped: managers, busboys, dead bodies... there is always something standing in the way of his night of passion. In short, Mr. Willey and his future mistress find a mysterious unconscious man stuck in their window. Thinking that he is dead, they are worried their affair might ruin his career, and the game of “make the body somebody else’s problem” begins. This gruesome incident leads to a night of cupboard-hiding, window-climbing, Greek dancing and partner-switching. A stack of misunderstandings is held together by lies, resulting in a situation where nobody is even certain what their name, nationality or relation is.

           It all must have been especially fun for Miroslav Rosenberg, who acted a variety of emotions. Dead, unconscious, sleeping... he nailed them all! What sounds like sarcasm is actually the truth because playing dead required a huge amount of agility, even though according to him it felt quite natural. Letting yourself be dragged across the stage a dozen times and barrel-rolling while still looking dead – that’s what I call acting. And he’s not the only one who gave a great performance. Each one of the cast fit perfectly into their roles. A few people in the audience even mentioned that some of them could definitely become professional actors. Klára Klimčíková in her lace stockings, Martin Majzlík with his nervous smile, Eva Bystričanová with her giant padded breasts, Barbora Bajčíková and her perfect British accent, Michal Pestún and his towel, Lucia Kopecká with her duster, Žanet Morovská and her giant glasses, and Andrej Jancík without his beard (yes, his devotion to the theatre is so deep that he shaved off his beard) all deserve a giant “Bravo!”

            In the end, after almost two hours of laughing, the ecstatic audience gave the actors a (this time real and proper) standing ovation. The majority left the building thinking their opinion of their friends changed a bit after seeing them in a different light and maybe wondering whether they could join the theatre themselves. Either way, the theatre troupe succeeded in giving a brilliant performance. To quote a former member of the KAA theatre troupe, “my hat's off to you” for the effort which definitely brought great results.

        What was your theatre experience like? Who did you like the most/best? You are welcome to leave comments.


Stanislava Nichtová



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