Riverside Drive & Old Saybrook - Woody Allen on the Slovak Stage

30/11/2012 21:41

If you are familiar with the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, you certainly remember Hester Pryne punished for adultery by having to wear the letter A on her chest. Well, that was America about 350 years ago. And how do people perceive cheating in the 21st century? Let’s have a look at the American reality as depicted by one of the best US comedians and playwrights, Woody Allen, and enjoy his refined sense of humour.

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Visit P.O. Hviezdoslav City Theatre (DPOH) presenting the play Riverside Drive & Old Saybrook. Woody Allen, the author of the script, looks at stories of love, cheating and relationship problems with his typical humour. He shows us how the protagonists elbow their way to happiness. But it has also another subjec,t and that is storytelling. He touches on the topic of how writers change real life into fiction. Woody Allen brilliantly balances irony, savagery and laughter.

The play is directed by Ingrid Timková, and you will have a chance to meet our famous actors such as Dušan Cinkota, Michaela Čobejová, Robert Roth or Richard Stanke. As Woody Allen’s plays are not usually included in Slovak theatre repertories, the actors are excited to have a possibility to be a part of this great work. “The play is very human. It deals with cheating, which is the spice of life. And Allen is the best example of that. Marriage to his adoptive daughter? Oh my Goodness!” says Robert Roth.

It’s clear that the credit week is coming and you are studying hard, but why not try to start it up with this great play? By the way, we wish you good luck!


For more information and tickets visit www.mestskedivadlo.sk

Zuzana Servanská



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