Recollections of a Rebel Soldier by Tomáš Buš

22/04/2012 12:31

Image: Harper's Weekly, Sept. 17, 1864

Fragrant navy fields, flooded by carmine dew,

Inebriated by your pride, marched through stormy plains

Over the pristine meadows, relentless wind blew,

Sweat poured, iron shattered bones, yet blinded we saw gains,


Your noble aurora, from iron throbs I shall shield,

Noblesse of your sweet brew, exceeds the rusty, oily cranes,

Merciless wind shall await them in the austral field,

Intoxicating blight, how dare you engulf the lovely grains,


Soirees with the Cerise, under the Empire sky,

Then flames tore through the knight’s gem, effaced the Empress’s crown,

On Sapphire’s day, the Cotton Stallion fell with a sharp cry,

In a tirade of lead, the verdant belle spirit would drown,


Her amoenus fields razed, lead pierced the leaves of the Charming Crop,

Bitter was Saturn’s gust, tearing the noble realm down,

Legacy,  stocks in ruin, revenge from the skies on us would drop,

The striped banners billowed in the breeze, we could only frown,


Heavy boots mired in Fame’s Cajun soaked mud,

Meadows flooded with corpses, suffocated our sight

Illusions of glorious deeds turned to cold blood,

The true face of bellicose feuds, in no way is bright


Now as I am approaching the Harvester’s tomb pensive, recollecting,

I  once again feel the fecund scent of the fields my soul injecting,

Golden memories though distant, never vanish, always afire,

Will live forever, while I lie down soaked deep in the mire.



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