Rain Tears by Airam Mare

05/05/2010 22:01


Rain Tears


I wished to leave

damp was my step  

First wavelets smothered

the shores

And others spluttered

a dissymmetric sigh


I glanced at the sea

back in rain

And tear drops rumbled

a growl


Wavelets battered

at the cliffs

 Water foam popped

my memory out

  Sorrow blossomed

Without a fruit


Moist was my step

Pearls evolved in clay

And I felt the sap

Of sorrow


The third wave rose in

my soul

Purple sky starkly spread

a grievous gloom

over my heart


 Someone appeared…

The sea twinkled

And frightened shells

hid themselves

in the gown of sin


At dawn the darkness

Painted the culprit‘s heart

And sand puttered its grains out


The fourth wave emerged

ray from the coast

and I jumped


Once if we tread there

In Heaven we will begin to live and

love without suffering