Prekladateľská univerziáda 2012 -- Call for Papers

14/02/2012 11:07


Do you like translating, but you are not sure whether you are good at it? Then do not miss this year’s Prekladateľská univerziáda, an annual translation contest organized by Literárny fond.


The prizes are awarded in 3 categories:

  1. Anton Popovič Prize for Literary Translation (8 – 15 standard pages)
  2. Anton Popovič Prize for Non-literary Translation (5 – 7 standard pages)
  3. Anton Popovič Prize for Translation Theory and Critique (5 – 10 standard pages)


If you’d like to get professional feedback on your translation skills, receive a financial award or even start working for a publishing house, do not hesitate and send 3 copies of your translation, together with a completed application form, to the following address:


Literárny fond

Grösslingová 55

815 40 Bratislava


The deadline: March 15, 2012

Lucia Kozáková


Application form: prihlaska_prekladatelska_univerziada.doc (29 kB)

For more information about the form, the requirements as well as the financial award, consult this webpage of Literárny fond: