Poems by Katarzyna Szuba

22/10/2013 20:50

Photo: Katarína Koreňová


The dreamer’s prayer


Stay here

embrace me with your warm arms

wipe bleeding tears from my face

let me feel

like someone who is not just an option


remove from my heart

the stuck  thorns of words

and release this constant pain

let your angelic smile

and the eyes full of hope

survive these terribly dark days

stay here for real


and not only in my dreams...




Hopeful silence


sometimes it is good to enjoy the silence

sometimes it is worth hearing the words

sounding like an echo in someone’s heart


sometimes silence brings relief


you said only moments can be wonderful

so let’s be silent

let our souls be overtaken by

untold words of hope


and the silence contaminated only by our glances

expresses what is

the most beautiful




The bundle of dreams


I will stand in front of your door

with a suitcase crammed with unfulfilled dreams.


I will knock as gently as I can

and when you open, I will ask quietly:


could you help me unpack it?



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