Pink Glasses by Tula Turanská

15/10/2011 09:47

Illustration: Tula Turanská

The problem with wearing pink glasses is that you can become addicted to them very easily. Uncertain what could happen afterwards, I was almost afraid to try them on. The thing is that they work very much like the old mirror from Harry Potter which shows you your strongest wishes you can be hiding somewhere in your subconsciousness.

Last year I bought them and I was reproached a number of times that they had changed me.  “Still,” I used to say, “I will try them on, only this one more time.” And you know how that went on.

Be careful with buying anything that changes your perspective on things. It is true that it sets you free for a while. It even makes you stronger and happier for some time. But it works the same as alcohol or any sort of other legal or illegal drug. First of all, you will need more. Secondly, you’ll start having these strange nostalgic, kind of sad moments, when you find yourself somewhat lonelier and emptier than before. As if someone had robbed you of your inner self. Simply put, you’ll keep waking up with the worst hangovers and you won’t be able to say ‘no’ to the only cause of your still growing anxiety.

My man used to tell me, “Tuli, you are not seeing things clearly. How do you want to make the right decisions when you are sort of ‘high’?” I used to fight him back and nearly always we ended up crying because of my inability to let go of that feeling the glasses kept on giving me. I was not capable of letting go of the beautiful colours the world outside was painted with. If only you had been able to see the streets of our capital! The cobblestones seemed to be dancing, passers-by smiling at me and nodding their heads at me in a very comforting way. No more grumpy old women on the bus. No more barking small dogs with very little or no intelligence. Everything seemed to have changed for the better and I was so happy. And all of a sudden, when you start accepting the world and start liking it the way you can see it, you are asked to open your eyes and go back to the grey. You are asked to break all your pencils, all the yellow, red, green and blue ones that had been your best companions lately, and simply ‘accept the reality’.

I said no. And guess what my man came in with last week. With a pair of brand new sunglasses, tinted with yellow colour. They are not pink. No, they certainly aren’t. But if only you could see what I saw whenever I put them on to see what my man could see.


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