Photographic Pleasure

19/02/2013 11:38

Photo: bandwmag

It’s the time of the school year again when a new semester has already started, but not yet fully established its routine. The time when students realize they still have a lot of... er, TIME? Not just to study, but also to please your senses. Some of you might go and get a beer, some of you will read books outside your syllabus, and some of you need a little piece of the visual pleasure. And for you Perspectives has an invitation to a photography exhibition of one talented Mexican photographer, Nadja Massun, “Alice in the Land of Zapata”.


The photographs reflect an ordinary life with its stories, her family and friends, and places where she lived. “I am especially intrigued by faces and their expressions,” Massun says, “the gestures and the movements of the body that encompass a particular state of mind or mood while also telling a story.” If you want to get an insight into her style and say, music preferences, have a look at her blog:


Time & Place: The exhibition runs until 10 March in Central European House of Photography on Prepoštská 4, Bratislava.

Kristína Škovierová



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