Phantom Pain by Andrea Viziová

27/08/2010 22:19


I’ve lost you, when was that?

Feels as if I never had you.

You continued my life, the promising.

I’ve stayed here, never moving further

Just tell me:

How was the sea, the sand

the dark blue linen tent spread over it?

How were the mountains?

Tell me about them!

How was the crisp snow on top of Mount Olympus?

How were the cities, the roads

London, Paris, Moscow, Athens, N. Y. C.?

How did you feel without me?

Did it hurt, did you ever notice it?

Who did you find to talk to?

Those long days, dark nights

How was the college, did you enjoy it?

Or were you just bored to death?

Then, more importantly,

how was love?

Don’t tell me about the kisses.

Yours were sweeter than mine –

  like a severed limb.

How could you manage without me?

I’m a just a fragment without you.

(Beyond the mirror

where everything is different

in that strange reflected world

I always find you, dear Alice.)