OUR WEEKLY TEN: New Sensation – The Harlem Shake

02/04/2013 16:48

Yesterday was April 1, the craziest day of the year, so why not come up with something equally crazy in Our Weekly Ten? After the countless video compilations of Call Me Maybe, the horse dance or Gangnam Style, Internet has been overwhelmed by another sensation - The Harlem Shake. The sensation saw the light of day in Australia when 5 teenagers decided to perform a crazy dance to a song by electronic musician called Baauer. After that people from all around the world participated in 30-second videos, including many celebrities, sports teams or even members of the US Army. The videos are very popular mainly due to their shortness, unpredictable moves and a simple concept. So if you feel like taking a short study break, you may have a look at how people around the world can amuse themselves.

Photo: flickr.com


10.  The Simpsons

Everyone is mad about The Harlem Shake and The Simpsons family is no exception. Maggie starts it off and indeed, the yellow family can move! Let’s begin our Harlem Shake tour!

The best shaker: Undoubtedly Maggie.


9. Slovakia

Yes, you're right! Harlem Shake has reached our country, too. Let's have a look at how the Slovak Red Bull team tries to make a breakthrough.

The best shaker: The person in the red jacket, jumping into the pile of snow.


8. Wedding

How do you imagine your wedding? Dancing with your chosen one and some butterflies in your stomach to Elton John's Can you feel the love tonight? Then you should forget it immediately and start practising as The Harlem Shake has found its way to wedding receptions too.

The best shaker: The man creeping on the ground is trying really hard.


7. Plane

Please, fasten your seatbelts and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments! Or not? Why not move around a little while you’re airborne? This is The Harlem Shake shot at a record high.

The best shaker: Well, the man in the blue shirt in the right corner looks quite enthusiastic.


6. Supermarket

Doing exercise is healthy, so why not burn some calories while shopping? Just find a bunch of friends and be ready to run fast when members of the security guard dog your footsteps.

The best shaker: The girl in the dungarees.


5. Racers

Although this one seems quite ordinary, there are things that can surprise you. And this is not only the talent of the starting dancer.

The best shaker: Did you notice the blue child in the middle?


4. The US Army

We are getting to a higher level of shaking. The army! I mean, really? At least we know what they’re doing in their free time.

The best shaker: The man under the window, trying to break-dance in his own way.


3. Classroom

Wondering why we put this one on the third place? Well, it’s just that students must stick together. Therefore, we announce this classroom shake the third best. Can you imagine something similar in our school? Perhaps it’s high time we considered doing The Harlem Shake at The Department of British and American Studies... Or maybe not.

The best shaker: The teacher, bar none.


2. Skydive

How is something like that even possible? These skydivers truly deserve the second place. In this example we can see that entertainment is boundless. Whether standing on the ground or flying high in the air The Harlem Shake will always find you!

The best shaker: No way for us to choose only one. All of them are heroes.


1. Under the Water

And the winner is the UGA Men’s Swim. For many people it would be difficult simply to stay under water for a minute but these guys are in a really good shape. Thanks to them we can enjoy this marvellous piece of art!

The best shaker: The man in the sleeping bag should definitely win.


And now that you’ve heard this catchy song ten times, we advise you to deal with some intellectual work to shift your state of mind back to normal. Well, at least, we hope you had fun!


Zuzana Servanská