Our Weekly Ten: 10 Songs to Get You Cozy

09/11/2013 20:25

Hello, hello, our weekly ten is back! This time we’ll take a look at some laid-back songs because let’s face it: November is here. Weather decidedly swings from fresh to cruelly cold and the one nice thing to do is stay home, drink tea and do nothing. That is why we offer you an uncomplicated mix of songs that just sound great as a background to your early November procrastination.


10 Your Morning by Andrea

Somewhere between getting your first coffee and trying to figure out how not to look like after a bomb explosion, pause for a minute and give this song a chance. As the title implies, you should preferably listen to it in the morning but who are we to tell you what to do?


9 My Heart Is on Fire by ASTA

Now that you’re up and awake, we can let the last rays of sunshine in with this tune by Tasmania-native ASTA. Although it was released more than a year ago, it hasn’t lost anything of its addictive quality. Energetic, robust voice and 80s inspired electro-pop – can‘ t say no.

Photo: aussieplaylist.com

8 Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow (NineOne Remix)

Originally, Higher Love by Steve Winwood was one of many jolly 80s songs that sounded one like the other. Then, in 2011, an Irish folk music singer James Vincent McMorrow completely re-worked it for his charity album Silver Lining and then, the mellow NineOne remix came. Try and see for yourself which version you like the best.


7 Change of Heart by El Perro Del Mar

“The Dog of the Sea“ is a project with a sole member Sarah Assbring. What is it about Scandinavian indie music that fits the definition of melancholy perfectly? This Fleetwood Mac-like track is beautiful and profound but I have to warn you about the official video. Two male acrobats defying gravity are a bit distracting.


6 Chocolate by The 1975

This Manchester-based band was a support band for The Rolling Stones and Muse this summer. Otherwise, there’s not much to be found out about them. Their sound is smooth; they’re nice but to be honest, indistinguishable from other British youngsters in leather jackets and guitars. We don’t need musical geniuses anyway; we just need to get cozy and this song’s made for it.

Photo: gigwise.com

5 Ritual Union by Little Dragon

I first heard this song in a commercial and couldn’t get it out of my head for quite a while. Surprisingly, Little Dragon are Swedes and not melancholic (in this particular track at least!) The song feels a little bit like a jungle, but flowing and free at the same time. Simply enchanting.


4 Panic Cord by Gabrielle Aplin (Hucci Remix)

Since 2012 she’s been the talk of the town (understand: London) with her charming cover of “The Power of Love” used in a John Lewis commercial. Whose is that sweet innocent voice? It belongs to a girl only 21 years old, resembling Birdy but with a guitar.

Photo: loveispop.com

3 BTSTU by Jai Paul

This track was sampled by Beyoncé and Drake so it’s gotta be something, right? Not only the right amount of rumbling dub-bass versus his mysteriously soft voice, this song is special in an indescribable manner. Or as one YouTube comment puts it: “There’s something primordial about it.”


2 Romanticise by Chela

While trying to dig up something about Chela I discovered that the name means “slave” in Hindi. Useless facts aside, Chela is a nickname this Australian alt-pop princess got when she was six and it stuck with her ever since. She describes her style as “nostalgic and rhythmic” – two words that put her in our playlist.


1 What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up by fthrsn

Pronounced “father son”, this is the lo-fi must you need to listen to when you snuggle up in bed. Dreamy vocals from somewhere far far away, motivating you to be anyone who you want to be once you grow up… or once you stop doing nothing. Until then, this track is on repeat.

Photo: bandcamp.com

For some people, November is their favourite time of the year. Lots of men feel they don’t need to shave (I beg to differ). For others, it’s just a transitional period until true winter wonders and snow come. However you feel, we’ve got the perfect playlists to guide you all the way through the month, so stay tuned.


Kristína Škovierová



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