Our Weekly Ten: 10 Songs for a Snowy Day

14/11/2012 08:54

It’s that time of the year again. Days are getting shorter and shorter until you feel like you must go to bed at 4p.m. But once you dare to look out of your window to see the world freezing outside, you may even discover a true pre-winter wonderland. Trees powdered with fluffy snow and roads covered with a white blanket. Call me sentimental, but I think we need some “snow songs”.

10 Informer by Snow

Who says that songs for a snowy day need to be about snow? Sometimes on a day like that, it’s enough to indulge in a wacky retro feeling. With Informer in your playlist, you’ll definitely find yourself grinning while snow will crunch under your feet.


9 Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and his lyrics – that’s medicine for the soul. He should be teaching song-writing in the School of Rock. His magical powers include composition of dark ballads without them being too spooky. Watch the video starring Jervis Cocker, which suggests that the song may be more about communism than drug addiction.


8 I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by Billie Holiday

Who cares that the world outside the window ends when your darling is holding you in his arms? Or when you're listening to this influential jazz goddess with her husky voice. Cheers to everybody whose love is keeping you warm.


7 Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Everybody loves this band. The lead singer shed some light on the meaning of the song saying: It is "about surviving, starting fresh. I've made a mess of everything, but I have a blank slate—a canvas of snow—and I get to start over." What more is there to say?


6 Shut Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

If you thought this was a whining-tracks band, you should try their meditative mood. Shut your eyes and think of somewhere/Somewhere cold and caked in snow/By the fire we break the quiet/Learn to wear each other well. Just imagine that.


5 Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne

Coming from their 2003 Welcome Interstate Managers album, this song is a better sister of “Stacy’s Mom”, the album’s most successful single. It’s fantastic for driving home on a chilly afternoon, staring at those little falling snowflakes. Nostalgic, stupidly catchy and hummable.


4 White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes

How can you create a sweetly sounding, choir-like hymnic song in 2.28 minutes? Why do so many great bands like Fleet Foxes come from Seattle? Is it the dramatic drums or the beautiful video that makes me want to listen to it over and over again? I guess I’ll never know.


3 Cold Rain and Snow by Grateful Dead

Already an American classic recorded by many, this 2.28min (again! magic number?) track shows a summery, bluegrass and hippie side of the Grateful Dead. Note for future musicians: though you’re known for endless jamming on concerts, mastering a song under 3 minutes will make you even greater.


2 Snowblind Friend by Steppenwolf

As you probably know, when musicians mention snow, they usually mean cocaine, so we have to have at least one example of that in our little chart. This may not be as powerful a track as “Born to be Wild”, the band’s most famous one, but it is unexpectedly beautiful for someone billed as one of the predecessors of heavy metal.


1 Listen, the Snow is Falling by Galaxie 500

Originally by Yoko Ono, Galaxie 500 made the track twice as long, giving you twice the time to enjoy the lovely melody and drink a glass of wine. Add a bit of psychedelic feeling to it and there you go, a perfect snowy evening.


When most people think about "snow songs", tacky Christmas music automatically pops up in their minds. For your sake, we left out all those “Twelve Days of Christmas” and “Let It Snow types”! Unfortunately, we can’t bar Eva Máziková from feeling christmasy, but I hope we improved your winter playlist.


Kristína Škovierová



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