Our Weekly Ten: 10 Slovak Export Songs

18/04/2013 21:00

There are these rare occasions when I am just sitting at home, watching music channels, and I keep asking myself: what is it that makes Romanian pop stars get world-wide success and how come that Iceland, a country with fewer inhabitants than Bratislava, equals to superlative music? What are the Slovaks doing wrong? Maybe nothing. Let me prove that we have some goodies to offer.


Photo: visitslovakia.com

10. I.N.A by Fallgrapp

The man behind Fallgrapp is Juraj Líška, winner of the 2012 Fatt Kools, competition for young talents,  with the song “Ľadový útes”. Cinematic and dreamy, it is pretty clear that this is something original and courageous for Slovak music scene.  Let’s give it a chance while watching the minimalistic video with the singer Agata trying to wash away her infidelity.


9. Renaissance by Purist

If you like the English Friendly Fires, you might also like this. And if you like this, Purist’s EP is free to download on their website. Also, you guys who travel from the bus stop Zochová... maybe you saw them play on the roof of the bus stop this past October.


Photo: shiz.sk


8. Moon Trees by The Global Optimistic (feat. Tante Elze)

The title says it all. Just imagine trees on the moon, moving gently in the wind... Of course, there is no wind, and no trees for that matter, but the song has a slight extra-terrestrial atmosphere in it.


7. Rutger by Diego

Hypnotical. Ok, so the Slovak bands don’t seem to be particularly bursting with joy, and this is another example. They were supporting act for the British alternative rock band Editors, and they certainly have the musical potential to be their more intimate version. Also, take a look at their older material... it’s really good. Like, really.


6. Hardwired by NVMERI

How can a Slovak band convey the perfect 80s Miami Vice drug deal soundtrack? Easy as this. NVMERI,formerly known as The Uniques, have the rare quality of using synths and not sounding annoying after three minutes, they’re danceable and a great live band. So many good points I can’t even count them all.


Photo: gregi.net


5. Invisible by Blue Motion

Yep, if anything, we’ve got a lot to show in dnb or (very roughly) electronic music. One very chilled example here – Blue Motion. He’s just getting ready to release his new LP on April, 22 – now you know where to find even more of these relaxing vibes.


4. Run Run Run by Celeste Buckingham

Or “Rum Rum Rum” as we’d like to call it. No kidding though, this girl is on the right way to international success. Besides her perfect English (no wonder, it’s her mother tongue) she has producers who know what’s going on in pop music right now. Young, pretty, not irritating – give it a go.


3. Miles by Lavagance

Oldie but a goldie. I don’t understand how they manage to combine the nonchalant and rough so perfectly, but they do it well.


Photo: tabacka.sk


2. Roll the Dynamo by Mike Lark (Dynamo Team)

A great summer song! And the video is even better and more summery. Technically, it’s just spring, but let’s get ready for the beaming sun with this tune. It is just so adorable. Plus the whistling gets stuck in your head.


1.  Beautiful Lies by B-Complex

Close to nine million hits on YouTube for a non-mainstream song is really something. And it is something big. No wonder that B-Complex is probably our best export article and you’ll find Hospital (a big name in drum and bass) among his record labels. Played in BBC Radio 1 show, getting among the top 30 Tunes UK Download Chart... that’s what a successful resume starts like.


Photo: ilovemusic.sk


If you know where to look for it, you can certainly find some good Slovak music. You’ll even find good Slovak music sung in English. We could definitely make a name for ourselves in the music business. After all our dnb scene shows it’s possible. And I bet there’re a lot of people in our department eager to express themselves musically, so why not try your hand? Next time I’m doing this list, I want to have more stuff to pick out from!

Kristína Škovierová