Our Weekly Ten: 10 September Songs

05/10/2012 10:52

September’s gone – unlike our hopes for the on-going sunny weather. So, before the cold winter starts, let’s stay in the blissful post-summer world a while longer. Surprisingly, the transition period of autumn is for some artists quite an inspiration. Here are ten songs that might get you nostalgic about the romantic atmosphere of leaves rustling under your feet or the fact that you don’t need to wear ten layers of clothes. Tune in folks!


10. Wake me Up when September Ends by Green Day

NOTORIOUS. We all know it and catch ourselves singing along, admit it. Too bad the singer was dragged to rehab after he snapped on stage two weeks ago. We might need an October version.



9. September by Earth, Wind and Fire

A MUST at every Oldies Disco. Also known as a classic sung while hoovering or taking a shower. I have to confess I was a bit surprised the song has actual words besides “Ba de ya” which, I guess, leaves many of us with embarrassing memories of singing gibberish at weddings.



8. September Grass by James Taylor

One of Mr. Taylor’s best-selling albums was October Road (2002), and the first three songs go as follows: September Grass, October Road and 4th of July. See the (calendar) pattern here? Sweety sweet, but a little bit of Southern pop won’t hurt anybody, right?



7. September Song by Jackie Chan

The point of this song is obvious – Jackie Chan can sing. And that makes him superior to Chuck Norris. I’ve got nothing to say about a song in a language I don’t understand, same as I don’t understand those 250,000 youtube views. But then again, I’m not that smart.



6. Gone in September by Mike Posner

There’s nothing bad about trying to sound sexy and sultry, it’s just sometimes you end up sounding like Britney Spears. This is the case with Mike Posner. To be fair, Gone in September is a nice poppy song you turn on in between looking for a chocolate bar in your pantry and actually eating it.



5. September Baby by Joseph Arthur

A simple guitar and a man playing with his friends in a bar. There’s nothing special about this song, but why go for anything special, if we can just chill out with the sun sinking in the autumn sky? And if you’re still feeling a bit blue because it was raining in the morning, this is the track to make it go away.



4. September When It Comes by Johnny Cash and Rosanne Cash

Would a list of sad songs be possible without Johnny Cash? Maybe, but not this one. The man who died in September recorded one of his last songs with his daughter. Plain and very emotional, this one gets under your skin.



3. Pale September by Fiona Apple

Standing out among mainly guitar songs, the silky smooth voice of Fiona Apple and her piano beg to accompany you through days when “the embers of the summer lost their breath and disappeared“.



2. September Gurls by Big Star                  

Covered by The Bangles first, Big Star was paid homage by Katy Perry (the queen of sticky pop herself!!!) with the spelling of her California Gurls. Nonetheless, the song is considered a power pop classic and one of the top 500 songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. Way to go, Katy.



1. The Late September Dogs by Melissa Etheridge

What’s the deal with Southerners carrying their guitars around and crying their heart out? Is there a September obsession in those Bible Belt countries or what? We had four of them already! The fine husky voice of this Kansas girl might get you through a rough break-up though.



This is the end, my beautiful friend. I’ll leave the judgment to our Perspectives readers, but a word of advice from me is: do not attempt a September song when you are:

1. a Southerner

2. Jackie Chan or Mike Posner or

3. a guitarist


Go write some winter songs, we need them for our next list!


Kristína Škovierová