Our Weekly Ten: 10 Paris Songs

13/10/2012 22:46

Do you ever feel stuck in school or your ordinary life? Are you tired of the “little big city” of Bratislava while bumping into the same people every single day? Because I am. But I have a little trick I can teach you. Just let your imagination guide you through different places while listening to music. This week’s destination: Paris!

10. Paris is Burning by Ladyhawke

“Is it love or just Paris?” asks this New Zealand beauty in her 2008 single. Mixed with the lively madness of the city’s nightlife, the song is a soundtrack for the Parisian easiness of life and wine-drinking with a view of the Seine,



9. 1901 by Phoenix

These French guys obviously know what they’re singing about. Although there is no mention of Paris in the lyrics or the title, the lead singer describes 1901 as his fantasy about the city in the early 20th century. Let’s fantasize with him.



8. Paris by Patrick Wolf

I am 100% positive you can’t imagine how electronic music fits with the classical one. Listen to this Londoner then. The song musically portrays Paris as a peculiar mix of the modern and romantic. The accordion at the end sounds like a sad echo of Parisian cafés with Edith Piaf smoking somewhere in the corner, yet you get surprised by brutal drops.



7. I Crave Paris – Aeroplane vs. Friendly Fires vs. Flight Facilities

If there was a map of cities people crave for, Paris would definitely be on it. Tune this song in after you wake up, and the iconic Eiffel Tower will be the first thing you see out of your window. Oh, freshly made croissants and cafe latte have to be included in that dream as well.



6. Paris by Kate Nash

Incredibly encouraging. Whether it’s about dreaming big or fighting your way through other people’s opinions, it proves that scary and confusing moments in one’s life can have beautiful results.


Kate Nash

5. Streets of Paris by The Teenagers

This is your song if you feel like “taking pictures in the streets at 2AM on Tuesday”. Remember how you spent your time when you didn’t have to write essays until late at night? Teenage energy, here we go.



4. French Kissing by French Soul Party

Keywords: French kissing and cute British accent. Picture yourself at a concert in some indie Paris venue, swinging in the rhythm of the crowd. And be sure to watch the cinematic video.



3. N****s in Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West

Now this is something completely different. The second best song of 2011 according to Rolling Stone claiming “nobody knows what it means but it’s provocative”. Parisians perhaps know what “that” means after all as they begged the rappers to perform the song twelve (!!!) times during their last concert there. Crazy.



2. Paris by Dido

Paris and romance always go hand in hand. And if it does not work out, there’s always Dido’s ethereal voice that will sing to you while you cry your heart out into your pillow.



1. Paris Blue by Lykke Li

An honest storyteller with a voice that is the opposite of emotionless. I don’t know anyone who would not like Lykke Li after listening to some of her songs. She can be profound and poetic and realistic at the same time. Get the Paris blues with her.


Lykke Li

All things must come to an end, and this countdown is no exception. C’est la vie. But you needn’t despair, next week we’re travelling to New York!


Kristína Škovierová