Our Weekly Ten: 10 Halloween Songs

30/10/2013 15:51

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The time of the year has come again. October 31st is here and that means it’s time to celebrate All Hallows‘ Eve. Now I know how all the true patriots say it is a pagan holiday and all that, but I do think for others any reason to party is a good reason. And how many times a year can you put a spooky costume on? So stop carving your pumpkin or press pause on that horror movie and get ready for some musical treats (or tricks).


10. The Addams Family Theme Song

What better way to introduce our little list than with something everybody loves? The original series was aired in the sixties, but some of us still remember Christina Ricci’s brilliant performance as Wednesday in the 90s Addams‘ movie. Either way, it is almost impossible not to snap your fingers when you hear this.

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9. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex

Hard to believe, but this song is already three years old – recorded in 2010 using a laptop in Skrillex’s apartment. Now it seems like the glory days of dubstep are gone, or maybe just more people realized that lots of it kind of sounds like a videogame. Anyhow, it’s enough to be a scary intro to the party.


8. Somebody's Watching Me by BeatFreakz

A Halloween classic, the original coming from an 80s R&B starlet Rockwell. This is just one of various covers – apparently a lot of people have the need to sing about their paranoia. Easy to remember the lyrics, there’s a stalker in town and you better watch out.


7. Witch Room by Dexter

Witches, ghosts, monsters, zombies – that all belongs here. Dexter might not be a phenomenon (yet), at least judging from the YouTube views. He already is a gold and platinum producer for several German acts and what he offers here is a psychedelic wonderland full of uncanny beats. Hipster Halloween on!

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6. Beheaded by The Offspring

“Mommy doesn't have her head anymore/ Keep it underneath my bed on the floor/ That's alright though / That's ok/ She never really used her head anyway.” Uhm. Listening to this regularly might be a reason for concern, but for a good party we need a lot of blood. Occasional decapitation is alright, too. There’s only one time a year when you can break the rules.


5. Is There a Ghost by Band of Horses

The video features a girl/ghost stealing pillows. Not too scary. But we need to have something suitable for children anyway. Interesting fact: Although the lyrics consist of two lines only, which are being repeated throughout the song, it’s the band’s most successful song to date. Sometimes a little is enough.


4. The Noon Witch by Antonín Dvořák

Classical music can’t be eerie? Let me prove you wrong. What about the terrible “Noonday Witch” (Polednice) who takes children that misbehave. In this case, the mother protects the son from being taken by the witch to the point when she smothers him. So yeah, kids… behave!


3. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr

The song was allegedly written in a matter of days, resembling a commercial for a service that will help you get rid of any supernatural creatures in your neighbourhood. Wanna have the whole room singing in sync? Play Ghostbusters.

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2. Thriller by Michael Jackson

It would be outrageous not to have the King of Pop on the list. That guy was a legend and so is the video. Thirteen minutes in length, it was MTV’s first world premiere video (back at that time it was still Music Television) and aah… this pop-culture icon needs to be praised to the skies. As to the content, zombies. A lot of them.


1. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

And the winner is Yeah Yeah Yeahs! A wonderful party song, especially on the 31st of October. Again, there’s some killing and a head severed from the body, but don’t worry, they have glitter instead of blood. And a dancing werewolf. Beat that. By the way, there’s a great A-Trak Remix.

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We’re all done for today, now let’s go and make use of all this horror-themed song knowledge. Dear Perspectives readers, it’s time for you and me to go and ward off the evil spirits at some party. I only hope they won’t get spooked by our singing.


Kristína Škovierová



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