Our Weekly Ten: 10 Decision-Makers

27/11/2013 18:40

Decisions, decisions, one of the hardest things in life. From pointless hour-long standing in front of the mirror deciding whether to wear this or that skirt, to life-changing decisions, the way we approach or avoid making choices shapes our lives.  This makes it one of the most interesting subjects for songs. Let’s have a look at what this week’s artists cooked for us.

10 Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash

A classic tune that makes everyone jiggle around. I guess that’s why even One Direction could not help themselves to use it in their hit single “Live While We’re Young”. Or maybe it’s because plundering is all that pop boy bands can do? Either way, it was The Clash’s only Number One in the UK Singles Chart – enough to make them unforgettable.

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9 Half of My Mistakes by Radney Foster

Us Slovaks, we don’t have much understanding for the cultural phenomenon that is country music. This is why I try, little by little, to sneak some country songs into each list... Seriously, how can you resist songs about love that always feature alcohol? This one fits probably all of us who made mistakes here and there on our way, but I hope we at least learnt our lessons.

8 The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

Produced and co-written by Max Martin who spits out number one hits like a vending machine, this song was predestined to be a hit. You promise someone forever, then you decide to do something else and then you regret it. The bittersweet lyrics about young naive love together with toe-tapping rhythm made us include it in the list.

7 Wrong by Depeche Mode

Slightly terrifying video, strong vocals and an overall dark atmosphere – nothing less could be expected of Depeche Mode.  Yes, there are days like these – nothing seems to be going right and every decision you make ends up being a mess. Now you have a soundtrack to it.

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6 Undecided by Ella Fitzgerald

The Queen of Jazz and her beautiful voice alone should be a reason enough to listen to this track. One more – undecided men suck and this is a song dedicated to them. But you’re smart enough not to live in suspense for your whole life, so get your groove on!

5 Chasing Pavements by Adele

The gamble of love sounds always better when sung dramatically by Adele. One of the first songs that made her noticed supposedly stems from an incident in a bar: Adele punched her boyfriend (who cheated on her), got thrown out and then asked herself something like “Should I give up or should I keep chasing pavements, even if it leads nowhere?”

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4 Freedom of Choice by Devo

So these new wave guys from Ohio believed that the mankind began to regress instead of progressing, hence the name – a shortening of de-evolution. After all, it was the seventies. If you miss these old times, definitely try this super weird video.

3. All At Once by The Fray

This is a variation to “The One That Got Away”. The Fray is the good pop. They try to be meaningful, and they go really nice with tea and books. So sing along and sob, “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

2. Decisions by Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus

I was trying hard not to include this one mainly because of the ubiquitous Miley-mania and secondly, because of the deep subtext of “Decisions, but I want it all so I get it all/ I wanna eat the whole cake/I'm not sharing...” However, every time you google the word “decisions”, this comes up, so I assume it’s God’s purpose. Here you go.

1. Papa Don't Preach by Madonna

You don’t hear it these days much too often – pop songs that have a strong story. One of the biggest decisions in a woman’s life wrapped up in a catchy tune, this song is about a young girl telling her father that she’s pregnant. Forthright and a bit sassy as Madonna always is, she decides – she is keeping the baby.

Photo: deathandtaxesmag.com

Some choices are tough. If you take the road less travelled by you may end up going crazy about what was on the other side. You might decide to do something and then you realize it was wrong. But mistakes and regrets, they’re all an important part of life and to make it a little bit easier, there’s always good music to help. Hope you stay tuned till next time.


Kristína Škovierová



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