Our Weekly Ten: 10 Cool Organ Songs

20/12/2012 22:57

This musical instrument that we usually associate with the Catholic Church may work surprisingly cool even outside the realm of crosses and holy water. I can imagine how weirdly good it would sound in house or trance, but no awkwardness indeed is to be heard in this week’s music selection. In the name of the guitar and piano and drums, let’s listen to some organ songs.


10. House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals

One of the best known organ lines ever. Now and then, some people try to decode where the house could be and whether it is a prison or a brothel. It is a classic and a wonderful example of how popular bands can rework an old folk tune.


9. Light My Fire by The Doors

This guy’s voice would persuade you to do virtually anything, even though he’s packed in those ugly leather pants. Yes, I’m talking about Jim Morrison. Organ is the essential part of The Doors’ sound-as in this song and they proved it may even be the climax.


8. Megalomania (Live at Royal Albert Hall) by Muse

The organ part is played by Matt Bellamy, the leader of the band, who’s currently engaged to Kate Hudson (in case anybody cares). In case you don’t, just listen to one of the most-praised bands of the last ten years.


7. Motion Picture Soundtrack by Radiohead

The song comes from the band’s fourth studio album, on which nobody is playing their usual instruments. By the way, there’s an amazing cello cover. Incredibly eclectic and celestial and sad. It could easily be a soundtrack to life full of white lies, where one feels crazy.


6.Ballad of a Thin Man (Bob Dylan cover)

Listen to the lyrics brimming with one-eyed midgets, sword-swallowers, professors and lumberjacks. Now try to make a point of the surreal. Maybe the point is that some things just don’t make sense no matter how hard we try, and maybe the point is just to listen to that haunted organ.


5. Let It Be by The Beatles

Although we all know this one, not everybody notices the tiny organ part before the solo. What else is there to say about this beautiful, positive song that simply speaks for itself?


4.Take Your Time by Buddy Holly

What would our weekly ten be without songs from TV ads? This one comes from a Visa commercial, and it’s this nice ‘50s music that makes you rock your body in the old-fashioned way while the song remains stuck in your head.


3. I Got The Blues by The Rolling Stones

If this doesn’t stir up romantic feelings in you or the urge to cuddle, there must be something wrong with you. Blues, Hammond Organ, and Mick Jagger singing his heart out at three o’clock in the morning...simply brilliant.

2. Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf

A great song used as a theme in a great movie (Easy Rider)...to know both is a MUST! This is a typical song for all bikers and it is actually the first time  ever that the term “heavy metal“ is mentioned (in 1968). The riff, which simply emanates energy, is unforgettable.


1.Intervention by Arcade Fire

Theatrical indie rock from the Canadians’ second album Neon Bible. The album was recorded mostly in a church that the band bought – this is where the grandiose sound comes from. It may be too much, but it is a case in point.

Now that we are done with the music, I just feel like contributing to your general knowledge, dear readers. Besides the church, in the last century organ music most mostly used in soap operas. Nowadays it’s commonly used in baseball and ice hockey. There’s even an organ radio broadcast called Pipedreams. PIPEDREAMS. Disturbing, I know. And that’s all for this week.


Kristína Škovierová



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