Our Weekly Ten: 10 Colourful Songs

27/02/2013 17:55

There are so many things you can write a song about. It could be something topical, say snow; it could be something tropical like all those summer hits whose titles you’ll never remember again; or it could be something typical like love or drugs. Some artists, however, choose a different approach. They take a walk down memory lane, remember how they have always enjoyed the colouring books and boom! That's how you get them: Songs about colours.

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10. Orange Moon by Erykah Badu

So delicate it gives you chills. You can just lie down and soak up Erykah‘s beautiful voice and positive energy.

9. Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

Since Winehouse’s early death in 2011 when she was only 27, it's hard to listen to her songs without feeling the tragedy of how she relapsed. Back to Black comes from her successful 2006 album that earned her five Grammy Awards.  It’s about break-up and depression, but most of all, the song wonderfully echoes her influence by soul.


8. Green Mansions by Van Morrison

Every time I hear Van Morrison I feel as if I were at some typical American movie wedding with people slow dancing and confessing their love for each other. Even if he were singing about blankets and pillows, who cares? Just get him to sing at your wedding.


7. Mood Indigo by Ella Fitzgerald

A jazz classic that has been recorded by many, among others by Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone or Nat King Cole. But when the "First Lady of Song" sings it, you can just get lost in the tune. That is, in a positive way.


6. Blue Orchid by The White Stripes

Reasons for putting The White Stripes on the list: name of the song, name of the band, and the fact that they use exclusively black, red and white as their signature colours. Oh and maybe them being one of the most influential rock bands of the noughties also plays a role.


5. Red by Taylor Swift

“Losing him was blue like I’d never known / Missing him was dark grey all alone…But loving him was red.” Taylor is infamous for breaking up with her boyfriends and then writing a revenge song about them. Guess this one didn’t get what “love somebody red” means, same as me.


4. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) by U2

With bands like U2, you always know what you’re going for. Bono’s recognizable voice has a certain unexplainable power, power to take you to a land of emotions and spirituality while retaining that fine mainstream tune, and power to make even those three babies in the chorus not sound like a cliché. Kudos.


3. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

An iconic song featuring bits of Alice in Wonderland, hints about LSD and magic mushrooms and Grace Slick’s hypnotic voice. Who needs more?


2. Pink Matter by Frank Ocean ft Andre 3000

Frank Ocean, the man who stirred up the music scene last summer with his debut album Channel Orange, is definitely worth listening to. Musing over whether he should choose pleasure over matter while mentioning Hemingway and manga comics in the very same song makes him an intriguing story-teller, to say the least. Also, his musical evolution over time could be rather interesting to watch.


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1. Yellow by Coldplay

It would be the gravest sin not to include this song as it is a simple masterpiece. Accompanied by a one-shot video of Chris Martin strolling down a beach until the sun comes up, this video embodies pure Britishness.


Quoting Bugs Bunny - That’s all, folks! Now the only thing left is to watch the white snow melt into a grey-and-brown thingy, curse the weather and wait for another dose of Our Weekly 10 to cheer you up.


Kristína Škovierová



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