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I had to wait. I had to wait and see how the first weeks of school would turn out because this year, ladies and gentlemen, is going to be tough. And I don’t mean the amount of knowledge we will have to absorb, but the amount of absurdity that I’m coming across at our Faculty, which is becoming just unbearable. I’m not sure whether I should cry or laugh like a madman. Perhaps I should do both.


Let’s start from the top. The semester hadn’t even started yet and some of us were already pretty mad. Now I’m talking about switching classes. I understand that there are many students with many classes and that there’s a limited number of teachers, time and space, but I still think we should be able to make a choice according to our needs. We are at a university that is (apparently) trying hard to compete with the western standards. If other universities manage to organize everyone and everything, why don’t we? I have no idea how the process of creating a class schedule works and I probably never will, but what I know is that those in charge have certainly no idea how the life of a senior college student looks like. 90% of sophomores and older students (probably including you) have jobs so they could survive in this country. Some are lucky to have employers willing to adjust their work schedules so the kids can manage both work and school. And again – this is completely normal in the rest of the world: to have a job while studying. That’s why I’m going nuts when somebody tells me that my studies are my employment. Ok, if that is the case, please accommodate and feed me for the rest of the academic year so I don’t have to bend over backwards to earn some decent living.


Now that we are done with the scheduling part, I would like to move on to the actual educational process. As a freshman in my masters’ program I don’t know what to think. Honestly, I feel like I’m finally doing something meaningful for my future career (i.e. translating and interpreting), but I still think that something is missing. So, in one of our translating classes somebody proposed an idea of having a training class on how to use the CAT programs. Fair enough, but the answer we got (unsurprisingly) was that the school is not equipped for such training. Uh huh, it’s not like we will ever need it in our future lives so why should we bother? Oh, please… Eventually we were redirected to some guy who can provide us with a demo version for 50 euro a person. Are you kidding me? Why the hell should I pay some random private entrepreneur for something my school should be able to provide for me? Is not the knowledge of CAT tools the bedrock for a translator these days?! This brings me to a question: how did we even pass the accreditation process? How can this institution guarantee us a degree in something we never get a chance to learn? Just sayin’…


Anyhow, this is just for starters. I am really looking forward to what this semester is going to bring us. I’m not expecting much though; I’ve already learnt my lesson so I’m just going to go with the flow. So far it’s ok and all the more if I’m not falling asleep from total exhaustion on  the benches in our school corridors (btw, thanks for the offer to crash on your new couch in your office Dr. A. – I will certainly claim this privilege sometimes in the future). Though I must say – so far the master’s program seems much more fun than the bachelor’s and I think many of my classmates will agree (like… no Milton, duh!). Keep on being awesome!


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