One Shakespeare Please!

23/02/2014 17:15

Photo: Michal Lachkovič (By courtesy of ActofKAA)

And on a crisp wintry evening they gathered to fill themselves with wonderful sensations created by theatrical art... and free sandwiches.

    Certainly a lot of you saw the latest ActofKAA performance at the Majestic Music Club in December. A fittingly named place for a play of such length and costume complexity.  But why write about it now, more than a month after the show? Two reasons:

    1) We all lay on couches, indulging in food and traditional Christmas movies, then we all drank a coy-pond worth of coffee studying for exams and now we are slowly coping with the shock of the new school term beginning and going back to our usual daily routines. And this is exactly the right time to think about new challenges and things that we want to fill our free time with. If seeing your friends and colleagues perform on stage sparked an acting flame in you, the troupe has always room for new recruits wanting to unveil their acting talent. They will be preparing a fresh play for the summer KAA festival and new members can apply through any current member until the beginning of March. It's definitely a useful hobby to have, helping to train your memory, public performance skills and let us not forget all the adventure you'll probably have.   

    2) If you haven't seen this piece or you liked it so much you would like to see it again, the troupe will be performing The Merry Wives of Windsor two more times at the beginning and in the middle of March. On 6th March you can see them at Divadlo pod kostolom in Ružinov. And on 13th March they will rule the stage at... drum roll please... P. O. Hviezdoslav City Theater. To see a KAA play in such professional environment certainly sounds like a treat. In December the piece was female dominated, not in numbers, but in terms of performance quality (apart from a few exceptions, namely Martin Majzlík and Andrej Jancík) so maybe the men performers will make up for it and dominate the March shows. I would love to congratulate Klára Klimčíková, Eliška Ducárová and Eva Bystričanová on their great acting. Going to the theater is also a free-time activity that's worth the while. Especially if you are dying to see Andrej Jancik wear a pair of antlers (but then again who isn't?)

    For those who think that theater is not the right thing for them, there is always a lot of other meaningful ways how to spend your free time. You can either learn another language, get to know about the basics of programming, or grab a camera and start being creative. Speaking of creative, if you get a writer's itch there are always your trusty Perspectives to help you. We welcome new members as well as one-time contributors.

Stanislava Nichtová



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