One Day in a Shopping Mall- (The Day of Golden Octopus) by Katarína Koreňová

04/12/2010 10:03

You enter with expectations; a shopping mall is a place where you can buy anything, even the things you don’t really want to buy. You have a cleverly prepared shopping list and only a secure amount of money in your purse. Oh yes, you are clever until the moment you glimpse the glittering jacket, the latest Laura Biagiotti, the can’t-believe-these-boots-are-really-on-sale…

When you fly through shops like a zonked butterfly, looking for things you wanted and buying, let’s be honest, everything you see, you must not have the whole of your salary on you. I know, after a few visits to the shopping mall, you tell yourself that this is much better a pastime than forcing your kids to go for a walk in the countryside, so why not spend the whole weekend in the wonderful greenhouse of vanity?

There are things you dream of, things your kids will devour and your hubby, let’s face it, is completely indispensable, because he is the cash-holder.

But waking up is different. Have you ever had a shopping hangover? I have. You wake up on the second day, and you find yourself in an empty room full of the things you bought...and probably feelings of guilt. “You know, Ed, my wife is having an affair. She fell in love with shopping.”  Ever pondered over moving to a shopping mall, just for the feeling of safety, luxury, excitement and fulfillment? Welcome to the world of mammon, the Age of Golden Octopus.