Oh Father by Zuzana Hlubinová

18/11/2011 18:00

To see your hair turn grey...

                …to watch your wrinkles deepen

                everytime you think about my mistakes…

To know that you can’t protect me anymore


           …makes me never want to return home again…

I fly too high for you to reach me


So many times I wanted to say

              Papa don’t preach

              Burning myself causes me delight


For so many years you were trying to approach me

     Knowing I will never let you have the key of my mind

     Hating all the men by my side

     Trying to ignore my caprices

     Letting my mother do all the dirty work…


But what scares you the most

     is that looking at me

     you’re looking into the mirror……

Photo: Katarína Koreňová



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