Miscellaneous Touches Lead to the One by Erika Kaiserová

08/07/2010 22:18

 I never saw You, but still I can feel You

 like a treasure seeker feels the sand running through his fingers,

 or a Bedouin feels the grains stuck to his bare feet,

 like a fish feels the microscopic bubbles of oxygen in the water,

 like birds feel the warm air they’re floating on,

 and like lions feel the itchy sunbeams of the savannah noon.


 Like a beggar feels the painful movements of an empty stomach,

 a war cripple the rough prosthesis on the end of his body,

 like a mother feels the kicking of her baby,

 a father holding the slimy reddish newborn in his hands,

 like a blacksmith feels the fire branded into his skin,

 like a surgeon feels the patient’s heart beating in his hand.


 Like the blind who feel the holes inside their faces,

 like the dumb who can feel the tongue in their mouth,

 and like a child who can feel the scar on his father’s palm – I can feel You.


 Whenever I close my eyes and let myself be touched.