Membership in the Central European Association for Canadian Studies

12/01/2011 19:03

Are you interested in Canada? Would you like to do Canada-related research and meet other scholars and students doing work related to Canada? You can join the Central European Association of Canadian Studies, which brings together university teachers, researchers and students from the Central European region. At the present time the association has around 255 members, coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.


-       access to the Canadian Electronic Library (This electronic library contains full-text access to over 8000 scholarly books on Canada, published by the most important Canadian scholarly presses. The CEL is a special service restricted to members of Canadian Studies Associations and Associate Members of the ICCS.)

-       information about all the events the CEACS organizes (conferences, graduate seminars, summer schools) and a chance to attend them

-       a chance to apply for research grants the Canadian government offers to members of Canadian Studies associations

-       a chance to get all the publications published by the CEACS during the year

How to become a member?

You must contact the CEACS country representative Lucia Otrísalová (lucia.otrísalová and pay an annual membership fee of €7 by the end of February 2011.