Lost and Found

02/03/2013 12:46

Photo: Brooke Hellewell Reynolds


For how long has it been? How much have I longed to feel again your silky skin?
Or was it just a moment? Is it possible to experience such a dreadful torment?
Raging thoughts enter my mind. I want to gaze upon your lovely face but my heart is blind.


Is it truly as I fear? Am I wandering all alone, left with nothing but a memory of you, my dear?
This must be a mistake. How much I want to hear your sweet voice, although knowing I am awake.


Impossible it is to bear. This everlasting sorrow watching me with horrid stare.
So much from me was taken. Your noble presence made me real but without you I am forsaken.


Alas, no hope is present. With you I was like a king of kings but now I am just a peasant.
Love is just an echo from the past. From time when our feelings for each other were so vast.
Right I don’t have anymore. Only solitude and bitterness allowed to feel, nothing more.
Evil shadow embraces me. Wants to feed upon my heart, the only thing that remembers thee.
Agony is surreal. Can that pain disappear if I give up my heart along with everything I feel?
Dreaming of you once more. Please, let me go. You are not here and it hurts even more.
Yet a warm feeling I sense. How? Why now? How can it be so intense?


Trying to save me though I gave up? I want to be with you yet you don’t want my heart to stop.
Am I not thinking clearly? Why am I doing this? To forget that I love you so dearly?
Keeping myself alive as before. Maybe I can manage, maybe I can seek a way out through another door.
Evil seeks my heart still. Saying you are wrong, that it will claim it and make it still.
No, it is me who was mistaken. But you reminded me that none can take my beating heart...


Jakub Kohút, KAA Prešov




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